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Cooks Innovations Stainless Steel Butter Mill Review

Disclaimer: I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

To be honest, I had never heard of a butter mill until I received the invitation to review one.

I was excited to give it a try however because homemade butter can get pretty hard in the refrigerator. 

While I do have a butter bell and have learned to set the butter out a few minutes before I need it to let it soften, sometimes it still just doesn’t spread well.


The Butter Mill Design

The design of the butter mill is really awesome.

The butter that comes out of it is softer than just stick butter because it is shredded, however it does not work well on white bread straight out of the bread bag.

The trick is to shread the butter, then leave the shreds set at room temperature for a few minutes.

This softens them so that you can spread it easily on white bread.

The Shredded Butter From The Butter Mill Is Ideal For Hot Foods

For putting on hot foods – or using when cooking vegetables, it works great because instead of ending up with large chunks of butter in one area you can spread the shreds over the entire dish.

I absolutely love using this for putting butter on baked potatoes!

I love that I can use this with honey or herb butter as well as plain butter.

The sticks of butter that I buy did fit into this perfectly however please note that I do not buy standard stick butter.

I buy an organic butter that is wider and thicker than normal stick butter.

It also worked well using the butter balls I make when I make homemade butter.

I just have to make sure the balls fit into the butter mill or cut them down so they do fit.

You Have To Hold The Butter Mill A Certain Way

I did feel it was easy to use and so did my husband, but you do have to hold it a certain way.

I love that I can cap the butter mill and set it right back in my refrigerator, then just sit it on the countertop a few minutes before I am ready to use it.

I love the look.

It is a bit tricky to dissemble and re-assemble the first time you do it but once you know how to do it, it is a simple process.



The Butter Mill Saves Butter

One other thing I did notice is I seem to be using less butter when I use this butter mill than when I just cut off a section of butter from the stick.

Best of all, I can still taste the butter on the food I put it on.

Overall I am happy with this item and am using it daily.

My recommendation is to look carefully at the pros and cons so you know what this does and does not do.

Some Things The Butter Mill Does Not Do

The butter mill will not shred really firm butter, instead the top will pop off.

If the top pops up, just let the butter sit at room temperature for a bit.

When we got our new refrigerator the butter that came out of it was a lot harder than the butter that came out of the older refrigerator.

Another reason the top will pop off is because it is not threaded correctly.

Overall if you are looking for a super simple product that keeps the curly butter intact or is easy to use right out of the box with no practice, this butter mill is not for you.

The cute curly butter does turn into a glob when you spread it with a knife.

While the product is not perfect, it is one that I personally like and have continued to use over the years, thus if I do recommend it.

Butter Mill F.A.Q.’s

Can I grate cheese or other items with the butter mill?

No, you cannot. It was made to grate butter only.

How much butter can I put in the butter mill?

It will hold one stick or eight Tablespoons of butter.

Will the butter mill work with homemade butter?

Yes, it will, as long as the butter is hard. It is best to shape the homemade butter while it is still soft so it will fit inside the butter mill.

Will it grate frozen butter?

No, it will not. The butter needs to be cold, but not rock hard. If the butter is too hard, the lid will pop off. The solution to this problem is to allow the butter to sit at room temperature and soften just a little bit.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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