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Toys And Games Gift Guide

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Disclaimer: I received the items mentioned in this gift guide for free or at a reduced price in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own. 

The holidays are for young and old alike, so my intent with the toys and games gift guide is to provide you with some of the bestselling toys and games at the the best prices.

A child playing with Play-Doh.

All of us can gain so much from being together with family and friends.

But, the delight of kids when they open their gifts is priceless and well worth the time and effort it takes to choose them.

The Toys and Games Gift Guide will provide some wonderful ideas for gifts for the kids in your life.

From toddler toys to fun games and electronics – you will find something for every kid on your list.

Make your shopping days for the holidays easy and stress free by shopping online and having the gifts delivered to your doorstep.

The last thing you want during the hectic holiday season is to fight the traffic and stand in line at malls.

Hottest Toys And Games Gift Guides For Boys And Girls

Sphere Or Sphero Mini

The Sphere or Sphere is a  programmable robotic little ball.

With its bright colors, it appeals to both boys and girls.

It is controlled by a connected app, and full of fun. It has many different functions.

Click here to purchase the Sphero or Sphero Mini.

Zoomer The Enchanted Unicorn 

The kids will adore Zoomer The Enchanted Unicorn.

Zoomer promises to bring magic to any child, as she can dance and prance around in figure-eight rounds when you press the button on her heart and she also makes sounds like she is eating if your child wants to ‘feed’ her.

She can also be programmed so that she will play certain songs so children are even encouraged to sing along.

She has LED eyes and kids will also love brushing her mane.

She is for the over 5-year old group.

Jurassic Park Toys

The Jurassic Park Toys from Lego are sure to enthrall those who have seen the movie.

Dinosaurs are definitely taking a hot spot on the Christmas wish list of thousands of children across the globe.

Lego knows this, of course, and has released action figures, off-roaders, helicopters, and all sorts of intriguing toys for children to relive the exciting story.


This abandoned pet comes with matted fur that when bathed and dried, can be brushed out, so your child can discover just what a real beauty it is, just like many real abandoned pets that are fortunate enough to find good homes.

By pampering them, you reveal who they are, a dog, kitty or bunny.

This toy encourages children to be responsible for caring for animals.

By purchasing your Scruff-a-Luv, you are helping to donate to the ASPCA, towards the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the USA – a very worthy cause.

They are recommended for boys and girls from age  5 upwards.

Click here to purchase Scruff-A-Luvs.


Hatchimals are furry robot-like creatures that will hatch from an egg and are very difficult to get hold of.

These are a real hot craze, still, and just continue to be a favorite with the kids of today.

A hatchimal will squawk and waddle and hatch and only once hatched, will be revealed what the creature is inside.

And whoever gets to own a hatchimal will love listening to the snoring and sighing inside the egg.

This toy pet is petted and fed and taught things to say.

These are for children over the age of 5.

Click here to purchase a Hatchimal.

FurReal Muchin’ Rex

An adorable baby dinosaur, Muchin’ Rex is recommended for children over the age of 4.

Boys and girls will love this furry friend because he makes dinosaur sounds plus the kids can feed him and wave at him.

He comes with his own bottle, broccoli and even a caveman biscuit.

He loves to be fed these snacks, hopping along and begging for them.

However, sometimes he doesn’t like his snacks and spits them out!

Click here to purchase a FurReal Muchin’ Rex.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Building Kit

Lego has outdone itself once again and kids will find the Hogwarts Great Hall building kit a ton of fun!

There are moving spiral stairs and it is assured that once the construction is completed, playing with it is just as much fun as building it.

There are even 10 figurines that come with this set and it includes Harry Potter.

Kids will love recreating the scenes from the movie or creating their own memories.

This Lego set is recommended for children from 9 to 14 years old.

The details in this set are amazing and your Harry Potter fan is sure to love it!

Click here to purchase the Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Building Kit.

Play Vet Playset

If you have animal lovers in the family they will love this.

It is recommended for children over 3-years old.

It is a real-life vet set consisting of 24-pieces and includes things like:

  • Stuffed animal dog and cat
  • Thermometer
  • Stethoscope
  •  Syringe
  • Tweezers
  • Ear scope
  • Clamp
  • Cast
  • Treatments and ointments
  • Bandages
  • Treatments and ointments
  • A checklist for at the ‘office’
  • Medical bag

This vet play set helps children to develop empathy for animals.

Click here to purchase this pet vet play set.

Christmas Books

Kids love reading books about reindeers and Father Christmas and snowmen, and there are excellent ones that will appeal to many children under the age of 12.

These are excellent titles that your kids will love:

Click here for more Christmas Book recommendations.

36 Pack Of Play-Doh

We know that play-doh has been around for a long, long time, but it is never outdated.

Kids, who are curious and creative, love it and never get bored of it.

They love to sink their hands into it and create all kinds of masterpieces.

This play dough comes in a 36 pack with all the rainbow colors to entertain; suitable for children from the age of 2 upwards.

Some adults even love to play with Play-Doh!

It can be a bit on the messy side, so make sure you are prepared for that, however using a plastic tablecloth sure helps with cleanup!

Click here to purchase a 36 pack of Play-Doh.

These are just a few of the hottest toys and games this year.

There are additional gift ideas below broken down by age group and also, for the younger kids, by either girl or boy.

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A child playing with Play-Doh.

Toys And Games Gift Guide For Toddlers

Toddlers can be challenging, but mostly they’re delightful to watch.

Their little minds are like sponges and now is the best time for a small child to learn and develop his motor skills.

If you have a toddler on your gift list, you’re in for some fun.

Check out all the best-selling online toys that will give you all the information you need to make a decision about which is best for his age and developmental path.

Radio Flyer Busy Buggy

Highly active toddlers will enjoy this ride-on ‘buggy’ that goes quite a way in helping them to develop their gross and fine motor skills.

It comes with 17 interactive features, which includes sliding beads, a horn to blow, a moving windshield, and  an adjustable dashboard.

It has four wheels plus a spare wheel on the back and it makes a noise when it is pushed.

They will love the extra storage under the seat and a favorite toy can always be stacked away there.

This toy is ideal for toddlers between the ages of 1 and 3.

Click here to purchase the Radio Flyer Busy Buggy.

Harry The Electronic Pet Dog

Harry, the Electronic Pet Dog is a great substitute for an actual puppy.

You don’t have to feed and walk Harry, just touch him and he launches into a list of activities that your toddler will love.

Harry is about 7-inches long and 6-inches tall.

He barks, walks and makes other little puppy sounds.

He is made in the form of a Dalmatian dog and your toddler will soon learn where to touch him to keep him going.

Plus, this pet dog talks and sings.

“How Much is That Doggie In the Window” is one of his favorites.

Your toddler will soon learn that different things happen when he touches different parts of the dogs body.

Kiki Money 24 Inch Elephant Pillow

Down time is an important part of a toddler’s daily activities.

They play hard and rest hard.

When it is time to rest, your toddler will love to cuddle with KiKi Monkey a large 24-inch Elephant Pillow .

You can choose from six different colors for KiKi Elephant pillow – blue, grey, red, pink, purple and yellow.

It is so soft and plush plus it is ecologically safe for baby.

There is no fading and it is lint free, too.


Plush Toys

Choose from a wide variety of plush toys for your toddler and begin a tradition that will go on through the teen years and beyond.

They make great decorative items for a kid’s room and add color and whimsy too.

I still have many of my plush toys from childhood.

WolVol Sturdy Car Toy

Shape sorting toys are an essential toy for early childhood development as far as I am concerned, but this one does so much more!

It is an actual car with flashing lights and music!

In addition to teaching shapes there are a few numbers, letters and fruits that your child can be taught about.

I love the bright vibrant colors too.

It does require 3 AA batteries to operate and there is an option to attach a string to the front of the car but it does not come with batteries or the string.

The toy is still fun even without batteries.

The happy smiley face is fantastic!

It makes me feel happy so I am sure a child would feel the same way when they look at or play with it.

It is a great choice for teaching hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The toy is very sturdy and large enough for a toddler to be able to get a good grip on it.

I love that the back hatch opens up so the shapes can be easily removed.

This is a great toy and I highly recommend it for any young child whose parents want a teaching toy that is fun.

Click here to purchase – please note this is an affiliate link!

Wolvol Adorable Mini Fire Truck Toy

I love that this mini fire truck toy speaks the names of various rescue departments in both English and Spanish in addition to playing those sounds.

What a great way for kids to learn a second language!

It is a very sturdy toy that is large enough for a toddler to easily grab a hold of.

The bright colors are sure to attract your childs attention.

It does require 3 AA batteries and those do not come with it, but in my opinion your child could still have plenty of fun with toy even without batteries – just know the lights and sounds will not work.

The ladder on the top of the fire truck does raise and lower.

It does change direction when it bumps into something and the bump is not hard enough to damage anything as far as I am concerned.

There is also an option to turn off the sound if you wish.

This would make a great gift item and I really like it especially the big, cheerful smile on the front of the fire truck!

I had fun playing with with and I am sure the child I am gifting this too will love it as well.

Click here to purchase – please note this is an affiliate link!

WolVol Take A Part Train Toy

The WolVol Take-A-Part Train Toy comes with 2 screwdrivers that come apart so your child can use them manually or attach them to the electric drill that this toy comes with.

The cordless electric drill toy makes noises similar to a real cordless drill.

The electric drill does require 2 AA batteries that do not come with it.

There is an extension piece for the manual screwdrivers that doubles as a ratchet.

The entire train comes apart and your child can even remove the wheels.

All of the pieces including the plastic screws are plenty large enough for little hands to hold onto.

Any child who loves trains – or who loves taking things apart and putting them back together again – is going to love the WolVol Take-A-Part Train.

It definitely is going to help your child learn how things are put together and help with their hand-eye coordination.

My husband and I both thought this toy was really awesome.

I loved the bright primary colors and I felt this was a toy your child could truly learn from while playing with it.

The recommended age range for this toy – in my opinion – is 3 years old and older.

Click here to purchase – please note this is an affiliate link!

WolVol Steering Driving Wheel For Kids Toy

I wanted this for my granddaughter but wanted to test it out first myself.

Sometimes toys say they are for a certain age or sound really great but when you get right down to it, they aren’t quite what you expect.

That was not the case with the WolVol Steering Driving Wheel.

My husband and I were both quite impressed at the quality and durability of the product.

The suction cup was large and easy to press down. It was also easy to remove from the fold-up TV tray we attached it to.

While playing with it, the steering wheel did not come loose or move in any way.

The sounds were quite realistic. There is an on/off switch behind the steering wheel which I know parents are going to appreciate. the mirror is adjustable and will even point upwards towards your childs face.

There are working turn signals, a working horn, a working ignition and that is just the start.

Your child will have fun watching the car at the top of the toy drive from side to side as they turn the wheel.

It is a very nice toy and we enjoyed playing with it so I know my granddaughter will.

Click here to purchase – please note this is an affiliate link!

Other Ideas For Toddler Gifts

There is no shortage of toys for toddlers.

A simple surf online will reveal all types and prices of toddler toys from which you can choose.

It seems that manufacturers have outdone themselves with toys for toddlers that can stimulate the brain and developmental abilities or help with their physical development .

There are many new startup toy companies that are enjoying great success with their foray into toys.

Read the reviews and make your own decision about whether you want to choose a toy made by a new company or if you want to stick to the old brands who have proven themselves time again such as Fisher-Price

This is the end of the gift guide ideas specifically for toddlers .

You can keep scrolling for more gift ideas for girls, boys or teens, or click here to go back to the top of the page


Toys And Games Gift Guide For Girls

While women are breaking glass ceilings and are making enormous strides in their professional lives, little girls are still playing with dolls and doing all the girly things that little girls love to do.

Having a young girl on your gift list will be a pleasure to shop for.

So much to choose from and you can find the perfect gift for her age and likes.

She may like to play with electronics and soldier toys, but she will still love other toys typically geared toward girls.

Boys and girls will love to play with the Pretend Play Electronic Cash Register Toy with Realistic Actions and Sounds .

The set comes with play money, groceries made from ABS plastic and even credit cards that, when swiped, opens the register complete with lights and sounds.

She will shop to her heart’s content and learn how to operate the simple machine.

Its color is pink, so it should fit right in with many girl’s favorite color.

When she has her friends over for playtime, the Pretend cash register will be one of the most popular toys in the room.

Peel Off Nail Polish Set

If you have daughters, especially little ones between the ages of 3 and 6, they will adore this peel off nail polish because it is absolutely safe to use and it peels off so easily.

Little girls love painting their nails in all the different 18 rainbow colors.

This gift will never cease to tantalize and amuse, and polish remover isn’t even required.

Click here to purchase the Peel Off Nail Polish Set.

Bears For Humanity – Buy One For Your Child, They Donate One To A Child In Need

The holidays are not that far off and there are many children in need – some maybe even in your own community.

The great news is, you can help by buying your child a bear from Bears Of Humanity.

For each bear you buy, you choose a charity – Toys For Tots, Save The Children, Semper Fi Fund, OneSimpleWish.org, Lucile Packard – and they donate a bear to that charity for a child in need.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that – and what better way to share the joy of giving than to see to it that a child in need has one of these adorable bears?

Click here to purchase – please note this is an affiliate link!

American Girl Dolls

No matter how sophisticated toys get, little girls usually love to play with dolls.

One of the most popular dolls on the market is the American Girl Doll collection.

One of the newest is the Maryellen Doll from the 1950s who comes with a book that tells her story of growing up in the 50s.

All American Girl Dolls have stories they tell about their lives in an accompanying book.

Little girls love to read the book and then use their imaginations to play with the doll.

She has got posable limbs and brush able and style able hair, plus many other outfits and accessories that are sold separately.

Begin an American Girl Doll collection for the little girl on your gift list.

She will keep them forever and pass them on to her little girl.

Dolls are always popular with girls, but the American Girl Dolls are collectibles and make excellent gifts they will keep and treasure.

Worry Eaters Polli

Sheri Ann Richerson from ExperimentalHomesteader.com is joined by Jeffrey Rhoades and they talk about the Worry Eater Polli that she received for review.

Polli is an adorable Worry Eater for anyone who worries a lot – especially children.

She is approximately 10 inches tall from the top of her antenna to the bottom of her feet and 6 1/2 inches wide from arm to arm.

The material she is made with is super soft and she is very huggable.

The zipper for her mouth is made of large plastic teeth – but not to worry as it is very well made and intended to stand up to a lot of use.

The zipper pull itself if easy to grasp and large enough for small hands to be able to hold onto.

There is also a large plastic ring on the back of her that can be used to hang her on a wall or to your child’s bedpost, etc.

The stitching is very well done and so is the embroidery on her eyes.

I absolutely love her.

Now for those wondering what on earth you do with these Worry Eaters, that is simple enough.

You write your worry or have your child write their worry on a piece of paper, then you put that piece of paper in the Worry Eaters mouth and zip it up.

Now the worry is no longer yours, but the Worry Eaters instead.

I love this idea and in today’s world I believe these toys are something everyone – not just children – could benefit from.

These make a great gift item!

Click here to purchase – please note this is an affiliate link!

Worry Eaters Enno

Sheri Ann Richerson from ExperimentalHomesteader.com is joined by Jeffrey Rhoades and they talk about the Worry Eater Enno that she received for review.

Enno is an adorable Worry Eater for anyone who worries a lot – especially children.

Enno is approximately 8 inches tall from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet and approximately 7 inches wide from arm to arm.

The material he is made with is super soft and he is very huggable.

The zipper for his mouth is made of large plastic teeth – but not to worry as it is very well made and intended to stand up to a lot of use.

The zipper pull itself if easy to grasp and large enough for small hands to be able to hold onto.

There is also a large plastic ring on the back of her that can be used to hang her on a wall or to your child’s bedpost, etc.

The stitching is very well done and so is the embroidery on his eyes.

I absolutely love him.

His brown color is a vibrant, pretty brown, so it is not dark or depressing at all.

Paired with the red, pink and white he is very cheerful looking.

Now for those wondering what on earth you do with these Worry Eaters, that is simple enough.

You write your worry or have your child write their worry on a piece of paper, then you put that piece of paper in the Worry Eaters mouth and zip it up.

Now the worry is no longer yours, but the Worry Eaters instead.

I love this idea and in today’s world I believe these toys are something everyone – not just children – could benefit from.

These make a great gift item!

Click here to purchase – please note this is an affiliate link!

Springfield Boutique Doll Paige

Although the Springfield Boutique dolls are often compared to the American Girl dolls, they certainly are more affordable.

Paige is the first Springfield Boutique doll I have owned.

When I first decided to review her, I thought I would give her to my granddaughter.

Then she arrived dressed in a little pink gown.

She came with one outfit which by the way was a JoAnn Fabrics And Craft Store Exclusive.

I was so impressed by how well made she was, by how realistic she was and by the array of gorgeous outfits that I decided to keep her for myself.

Now of course I will let my grandbabies play with her, because after all, she is so soft and cuddly that I can’t imagine any child not wanting to hug her.

Her hands, legs and face are made of a hard material, however her body is soft – like a stuffed animal only not furry!

There are so many outfits available for her.

I chose an evening gown that came complete with shoes, gloves and a necklace.

Her hair is super soft – just like a real child’s hair and of course you can brush it.

Paige is 18 inches tall and is possible.

Both her arms and legs move so she will sit or stand.

Her eyes also open and close.

I am truly impressed by the quality of this doll and her outfits.

I highly recommend you take a look at the Springfield Dolls especially if your child or even you are an American Girl fan.

In addition to Paige, there is Alexis, Savannah, Ella and Madison.

Click here to purchase – please note this is an affiliate link!

Other Gift Ideas For Girls

Girls love electronics too and there is no shortage of fun and useful gifts that you can choose from in the electronics realm.

They’re not really considered toys, but kids play with them.

Some feature games while others teach.

They are good options for kids who have all the toys they will ever need.

Check online today for favorite girls’ gifts and place your order early.

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

This is the end of the gift guide ideas specifically for girls.

You can keep scrolling for more gift ideas for boys or teens, or click here to go back to the top of the page

Toys And Games Gift GuideFor Boys

Boys and toys just go together like fun and games.

In fact, there is lots of fun in store this year when you shop for boys’ toys.

When it comes to toys for boys, you won’t go wrong with toys that stimulate their love of games, building or stimulate the imagination.

PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

Most little boys at some time want to be the firefighter hero.

With the PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck, your child he gets a chance to play with a life-like truck as it’s equipped with water launchers at the back and front and comes with a fire ladder, a mini fire cart, and a lookout cab.

It requires 2 AAA batteries to operate it.

It’s ideal for little boys over 4 years old.

Click here to purchase a PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck.

K’nex Bionic Blast Roller Coaster Building Set

There aren’t many kids who could pass up on the thrills and sheer fun that come with roller coasters.

And this one is for boys who are over the age of 9.

Your child is sure to spend hours at a time playing with this toy.

It contains 809 pieces, and comes with a coaster track, a coaster car, a motor, 2 Ferris wheels, as well as a virtual reality viewer.

Click here to purchase the K’nex Bionic Blast Roller Coaster Building Set.

WolVol Friction Powered Big Dump Truck Toy For Boys


My husband was wowed with this toy!

I bought it to give as a gift to a little boy we know.

I was glad that it did not take batteries yet still was a cool toy to play with.

I was unfamiliar with friction powered toys but my husband knew all about them – and while we played with it on a table top I can only imagine the fun a child would have with this outdoors on a cement or blacktop surface or on a tile or wood floor.

I loved the size – it was much larger than I thought and thus super easy for little hands to keep a hold of.

I loved the vibrant primary colors and the fact that the dump bed has a lever that you push and causes it to lift while making realistic sounds.

The tailgate of the dump truck opens as well so your little one can put small things in the bed of the dump truck and then press the lever to dump them out.

This is definitely a cool toy that is sure to spur your childs imagination and be played with over and over.

I am sure the child I chose this for is going to love it!

I also love how well made this toy is.

It is definitely a high quality toy in my opinion.

Click here to purchase – please note this is an affiliate link!

WolVol 2 piece Train Toy

This is an awesome toy sure to entertain your toddler for hours!

There is just so much to do from playing with the detachable animal figures to hooking or unhooking the rear of the train, playing music, listening to animal sounds, pulling the train along or making the whistle blow!

I love the bright, vibrant colors that are sure to attract a child’s attention.

The detachable figurines are shape sorters with animals heads – a dog, a frog, a duck and a cow.

The top of the train has 5 different buttons on it – one for music and a random animal sound and four separate buttons that make the same sounds that the detachable animal figurines would.

The side of the train has a switch-a-roo window so you have have one of two potential animals driving the train.

There is a monkey beside the bottom that makes the train whistle sound.

There is a sturdy string on the front so your child can pull the train along beside them and the wheels actually move quite similar to a real train.

I love that you can attach or detach the back of the train.

This is a fun toy that any child is sure to love.

It does take 3 AA batteries that are not included.

Click here to purchase – please note this is an affiliate link!

PicassoTiles 2 Piece Car Truck Set With Extra Long Bed & Re-Enforced Latch, Magnet Building Tile Magnetic Blocks

This is a really cute set of toys however there are only 2 pieces in this set so you do not get any tiles to build with.

However kids can still push these around and have fun with them.

I really like the clear blue and clear red colors.

The wheels move easily and the two pieces link together plus you can add even more pieces as you go along.

I think of these more as train cars so your child could pile toys or other items on top and push those around as well.

There are a number of magnets around the outer edges of these toys.

Those can be used with other PicassoTiles to create anything your child can dream up – cars, buildings, you name it.

My big attraction as a grandmother to these toys is the strong sense of color, geometrical shapes including 3D forms numbers counts and magnetic polars that children who play with this toy are sure to learn about.

Click here to purchase – please note this is an affiliate link!

Other Gift Ideas For Boys

LEGO seems to be synonymous with boys and the boys on your gift list will love the LEGO Star Wars 75146 Advent Calendar Building Kit.

It is a holiday delight that he is sure not to have in his LEGO collection.

Your little boy will love the Star Wars themed calendar where you open a door each day for 24 days to reveal gifts.

There are Slave I, TIE Interceptor, Republic Cruiser, Sleigh and many more vehicles in the set.

You will also get 8 mini figures and a Battle Droid plus, weapons such as Skywalker’s Light saber and two blaster pistols.

He will get to experience adventures of Hoth, Naboo and Hoth while enjoying hours of fun with this new LEGO set.

It seems that the holidays wouldn’t be complete without Star Wars gifts under the tree.

Most little boys and many adults are enamored with everything Star Wars, and you will be able to find a wide selection of toys that emulate their favorite heroes online.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Chewbacca Electronic Mask is a fun playtime disguise that little boys love.

It looks just like Chewbacca in the movies and when its mouth opens Chewbacca roars.

Open it a bit wider and it roars even more.

The Chewbacca mask has straps to ensure a good fit and the package includes instructions for use.

Masks and costumes aren’t just for Halloween anymore.

Kids use them to enhance their playtime fun.

You will find a wide collection of Star Wars and other popular costumes and masks online.

Check them out for boys and girls and include one with their favorite themed toy.

Now, kids can act out their favorite movies during playtime with authentic looking costumes and masks.

There are so many wonderful gifts for little boys.

They’re not little for long, so have fun while you can by choosing gifts that will bring fun into his life and that he will remember forever.

Check out all the boys’ toys online today and place your order early so there will be plenty of time for gift-wrapping, monogramming and shipping to your doorstep.

You’ll be happy you don’t have to fight the crowds during the holiday season.

This is the end of the gift guide ideas specifically for boys.

You can keep scrolling for more gift ideas for teens, or click here to go back to the top of the page

Toys And Games Gift Guide For Teens

Teens know exactly what they want; all of them have their particular and unique sense of what they believe in and dream of at the time – which can change as quickly as their moods.

They know for sure what’s in and what is not.

But there are some really cool gifts for trendy teenagers.

Like what about a waterproof speaker?

Or the latest in cameras; or high action games that they can play with their friends?

You may think it is difficult to decide on a teen gift for the holidays, but they’re really kids at heart and sometimes like the same things younger kids do.

Besides electronics that feature games and socializing, there are some other choices you can make that will make them happy.

Best Retro: Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

Even though the Polaroid photos are kind of retro, today, that is what is making them so cool and chic!

Fujifilm has reinvented this old camera and packed it into the fun- sized Instax Mini camera.

It will spit out tiny little 2” x 3” instant photos, so cool, and you can find it in all the bubble gum type colors.

It’s the perfect choice for hip teens who want to make cool memories with their friends.

Click here to purchase the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9.

Cinemood Protable Cinema Projector

These are so cute, and it’s a gift that everyone will love.

It’s a portable cinema projector which allows a teen, or anyone else, enjoy Netflix in a 3” size, which projects images from about 12’.

It has a 1080p resolution and the projector is fabulous for when you travel or camp or sleepover.

There is content already downloaded but teens can add all their favorite stuff too.

Click here to purchase the Cinemood Portable Cinema Projector.

Spikeball 3 Ball Game Set

For sheer outdoor entertainment, teens will love this fast-paced athletic game that is a mix of tennis, volleyball, and basketball.

It’s lightweight and portable, making it ideal for when they are with a group of friends.

The set has 3 balls and a net that has collapsible legs.

It’s got a drawstring bag and an instruction book.

Teens can even download the app to play with other nearby players.

Click here to purchase the Spikeball 3 Ball Game Set.

A2S Paracord Bracelet K2-Peak

These hip paracord bracelets trended a few years ago already and just continue to grow in popularity.

They consist of 12-feet of paracord which is capable of holding up 550 lbs. of weight.

They come with an excellent compass, a flint fire starter, an emergency knife, a fire scrapper, and an emergency whistle.

There is a pack of two of them and it makes fantastic survival gear as well.

Click here to purchase the A2S Paracord Bracelet K2-Peak.

Other Gift Ideas For Teens

The Craft-tastic String Art Kit is perfect for the girl or boy who loves to work with his hands.

String art has been around for years, but it has taken a new turn and kids love it.

This particular string art kit begins with the canvas that measures 8 inches square.

Your teen simply pushes the pins into a foam canvas (3 per kit) and use the designs (hi, peace or heart) to create art.

Your teen won’t need a hammer or nail like some string arts kits recommend.

Your teen will love hanging the new art on the wall in his room or leaning them up on a dresser or desk.

It is a great way for the teen to get away from electronics, homework or socializing and do something that is totally for him or her.

Teens love to get together and play games, too.

You will find a wide array of online games in your favorite online shopping sites and can have them sent to your home or the teen recipient.

The Lightning Reaction Reloaded – Shocking Game is fun for young and old alike.

It looks like a space age contraption and works by having each player grab a handle from the base.

When the player presses the button in the center, the red light blinks and the eerie music will begin.

Then, when the light turns green, the fun begins.

Press the trigger button as rapidly as you can.

If you are the last person to react, you will get a shock.

It is not a bad shock, but you can rev it up with settings from Low to Medium and High.

You choose.

It is a shocking game, but one that is fun and will encourage lots of reactions.

It is fun to watch kids pull away from their iPhones or other electronic devices to enjoy fun and simple games that will help them socialize with friends or family.

Other, tamer, games exist online when you’re searching for teen gifts and they are fun for the entire family.

Teens also love gift certificates that allow them to shop online at stores like Amazon, or for iTunes or Steam credit.

Don’t wait too long – place your orders online now to ensure you get the gifts you want, prices that are competitive and affordable shipping.

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Final Thoughts About The Toys And Games Gift Guide

Last year, all the toy fairs were packed so that the real scoop on the hottest toys was difficult to get.

This year, the search has gone onto an even deeper level of inside information, to source trend experts for their top opinions on which toys will top the holiday Christmas charts.

It means that planning ahead for Christmas is vital.

It is even more essential to shop before Black Friday so you get the toys and games your kids want!

Remember the 4 gift rule and you are sure to spend less, have less stress, as well as less overwhelmed children on Christmas morning, but way more fun and Christmas cheer, which is, after all what the holidays should be like.

 If you have a product you would like to see featured in this year’s gift guide, please contact Sheri Ann Richerson via email for additional information. Any item’s received after December 10 are not guaranteed a slot in this years gift guide. You are welcome to send multiple items however I do ask that you also include assets either via email or with the products you send. Unboxing videos and review videos are part of this gift guide. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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