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Halloween Table Decorating With Luminaries Made Out Of Oranges

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This unique Halloween table decorating idea lights up the night with luminaries made out of orange peels.

An orange peel turned into a luminary with a candle inside of it.

You can use the orange luminaries inside and outside of your home to create an eerie glow.

Lighting For Halloween Table Decorating

The original idea behind these orange luminaries uses regular candles, but if you prefer LED candles are certainly an acceptable substitute.

For places where regular candles might not be safe such as hard to reach area or places where there are kids, pets or large crowds, LED candles are far safer, thus the better option.

However, the choice really is up to you and is based on what you prefer.

A Twist On Halloween Table Decorating

The tutorial teaches you how to make a classic luminary with a modern twist.

Instead of using a decorated jar or candleholder, we will be making a luminary out of an orange peel.

Sounds cool, right?

The beauty of this project is the creativity of it because we will be making a luminary from a not-so-typical material.


Naturally Scent Your Home This Halloween

You need a little bit of patience for this one, but it is worth the effort plus you get an added bonus of a natural air freshener.

The orange luminary serves as a natural scent light because the heat from the candle will release the natural fragrance of the orange peel.

Simply follow the instructions below to learn how to use an orange to make a unique Halloween table decoration.


Halloween Table Decorating With Luminaries Made Out Of Oranges

An orange peel turned into a luminary with a candle inside of it.
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  • one orange
  • a small knife
  • a tea light candle (either a real candle or an LED tea light candle)
  • lighter or matches (if you use a real candle)


  1. Gather all the things you need for this tutorial.
  2. Create a horizontal cut around the orange by running a knife around the upper one-third portion of the orange.
  3. Gently remove the orange peel making sure to preserve the shape of the peel since this will be used for this tutorial. We do not need the fruit, so you can set it aside to eat.
  4. Cut a hole out of the top of the orange peel.
  5. Cut out a design around the edges of the hole. In the orange in the photo, we created small triangle spikes. This upper part of the peel will serve as the cover of the luminary. The bottom section of the bottom orange peel will house the tea light candle.
  6. Cut out more designs on the orange peel cover. The design of the cover will enhance the overall aesthetics of the luminary once the tea light candle is placed inside the orange peel.
  7. Place the bottom of the orange peel where you want the luminary to be since moving it once the candle is inside of it is a bad idea.
  8. Place the candle on the bottom of the orange peel. Light the candle with a lighter unless you are using an LED tea light candle, in which case you would just turn it on. Using a kitchen lighter is safer than a typical lighter for this luminary.
  9. Place the orange peel cover on top of the orange peel body. Take your time and be careful when you do this since there is a possibility that the orange peel lining might get burned if the flame touches it and the overall look of the orange luminary would be ruined.
  10. Sit back and enjoy your orange luminary.


Caution: Be careful if you use a real candle. Be sure to extinguish the flame if you leave the room and be sure to sit it someplace out of reach of children and pets.

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Final Thoughts

This innovative orange luminary is a great way to light up your patio at night.

This luminary is an ideal way to light up your home and garden this coming Halloween.

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An orange peel turned into a luminary with a candle inside of it.

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