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DIY Feather Christmas Tree

  • Author: Sheri Ann Richerson






  1. Press a feather at a time against the blade of the scissors (affiliate link).
  2. Pull the feather across the blade until it is curly enough to suit you.
  3. One you are satisfied with how the feather looks, insert the feather into the styrofoam cone (affiliate link), starting at the bottom of the cone.
  4. Make sure the curl of the feather touches the bottom of the table.
  5. As each row is finished, move on to the next row.
  6. Slowly work your way up to the top of the cone – layer by layer.
  7. If you notice areas that look a bit sparse, fill them in by gluing some of the smaller feathers into those areas. Be sure to curl the tips of those feathers as well – and let me tell you, it is a tedious process.
  8. Once the entire cone is covered in white feathers (affiliate link), inserted a glitterly snowflake (affiliate link) into the top of the cone.
  9. Then insert some small feathers into the top of the cone to fill in around the snowflake (affiliate link). Be sure the tips are facing upward to create a peaked look.
  10. Cut a bamboo skewer (affiliate link) into 4 sections.
  11. Wrap florist wire around the bamboo skewer (affiliate link).
  12. Use the florist wire and a drop of glue to secure the birds or the birds nest onto a bamboo skewer (affiliate link).
  13. After the glue dries, insert the skewer into the styrofoam pressing it in far enough that the birds and their nests looked like they were built on the tree itself.
  14. Continue to add birds and bird nests (affiliate link) until you are satisfied with how the tree looks.



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