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Grid Down Prepping For Electromagnetic Interruptions

When it comes to grid down prepping, most people focus on supplies such as food, water, self-defense, and solar gadgets for convenience.

However, as we gain information about certain phenomenon, other survival gear such as that designed for elecromagnetic interruptions must be considered.


Why We Must Consider Grid Down Prepping For Electromagnetic Interruptions

Electromagnetic events have caused great concern in recent years.

We have seen many news stories about electromagnetic pulse attacks posing a threat in the form of widespread chaos and disruption.

In addition to man-made electromagnetic threats, there are also natural events that could disrupt our society and its dependence on electricity.

Something as simple as a solar burst of energy could cause a problem for anyone relying on certain survival gear.

The History Of Faraday Cages

Back in 1836, Michael Faraday invented what are commonly known as Faraday cages.

These cages are capable of protecting what is put inside of them from radio frequency interference caused by certain events.

Did you know that even your car is often considered a form of Faraday cage because it can protect you in many instances?

For example, if your car were to be struck by lightening, the electrical charge from the lightning would be concealed to the metal surrounding your car, while you remain protected inside your vehicle.

Many people erroneously believe that the tires on their vehicle are what protects them in the event of a lightning strike that hits their car.

But really, it’s the metal that you are encased in that offers the protection and the tires merely help the charge dissipate.

Why Faraday Protection Is Important In Todays World

Electromagnetic pulse attacks, also known as EMPs, are being studied globally so that each country can protect its citizens from this vulnerability because let’s face it, most people don’t even consider grid down prepping.

If an electromagnetic pulse were to be used intentionally against a society, it could cause mass chaos and ruin the electrical system for an unknown period of time.

This is why grid down prepping simply must include supplies for a potential electromagnetic interruption.

We have seen what happens when a simple weather event, such as icy conditions, caused the grid to go down for just a few days in Texas.

Not only were the citizens of Texas left unable to heat their homes and prepare food, but many of them didn’t survive because they did not prepare for a potential grid down situation due to extreme weather.

It only takes one bad actor to collapse the entire grid in America.

If it were to go down completely, we would suffer problems with communication, transportation, food and water supplies.

If you doubt this, think about the supply shortages that are currently happening and then consider why grid down prepping is so important.

Advanced Enemies Will Choose Electromagnetic Interruptions

While many people are focused on old-fashion war strategies such as tanks and bombs, more advanced enemies are looking at EMPs as a way to cripple a society.

This is why grid down prepping is so important.

Of course it is not just enemies we need to worry about.

Electromagnetic interruptions can happen naturally, such as when a solar plasma blast crippled the telegraph system in 1859.

The good news is, there are now personal Faraday protection devices that can help you keep your gear safe in the event of an attack or a natural weather catastrophe.

Many people invest in Faraday bags to carry with them when traveling to other locations.

If you are an international traveler for business, for example, you may want one of these to protect your private information from being hacked and compromised.

Faraday Bags

Manufacturers have answered the call by consumers to create personal sized Faraday protection gear for equipment such as cell phones, laptops, and other items.

It can even protect large survival gear such as a generator, so that after an electromagnetic interruption, you would still be able to use it.

When it comes to Faraday bags, you can find many that have additional survival options like MOLLE attachments.

Not only do these bags protect your gear from electromagnetic pulse events, but they also protect your gear from hacking, tracking, and spying by others.

These can be easily attached to the side of your bug out bag and used to block signals from your devices if you are trying to stay off the grid and out of sight.

Some are very small in nature, while others are large enough to allow you to fit tablets, GPS units, handheld radios, and multiple smartphones.

If you get a Faraday bag, you want to make sure that the material is water resistant and made in the USA.

If you have larger devices that you want to protect, such as a laptop, you can find Faraday bags for that purpose as well.

Faraday Bag Options

You can find Faraday bags that come with or without a window.

Some people prefer not to have a window in the bag, while others prefer to see their gear.

By having a window in your Faraday bag, you will be able to keep tabs on the battery life and condition of your gadget.

If you need something larger, you can find Faraday duffel bags that have a detachable, smaller MOLLE Faraday bag that comes with it.

This is perfect for people who have bulkier gadgets such as power banks, laptops, radios, and other kinds of electronic accessories they want to carry all at once.

You can even find extremely large Faraday bags that will protect home generators so that once the electromagnetic event has passed, you will still have the ability to bring electricity into your home.

Faraday Boxes

In addition to the bag options, you can also find Faraday boxes that will protect your electronic gear from an electromagnetic attack.

The boxes come in a variety of sizes and styles so there is sure to be one to meet your grid down prepping needs.

Some have sleek designs, and others are very simple.

You can even find some that can be openly hidden in your home that look like a large book.

Some people use these to house their cell phones and car key fobs in at night to protect them from theft or an unepected electromagnetic attack.

You can even put your contactless credit cards in them whenever they’re not in use, because the simple ‘tap to pay’ convenience is based on a radio wave emitted from a chip that thieves will try to compromise.

Faraday Cages

When it comes to Faraday cages, you can find a variety of options to store things in.

For example, there are Faraday cages specifically for your Wi-Fi router modem.

Using this, any sort of attack or event would be unable to negatively affect the speed and performance of your router.

You can also find specific Faraday cages that fit directly over your smart meter at your home.

Some people use these specifically to eliminate any RF radiation that may be admitted from the smart meter and cause disruptions to their sleep or health.

It can also protect the smart meter in case of an electromagnetic event.

Some older homes are techincally built as large faraday cages – so that is another consideration especially if you live in an older home, are building a new home or remodeling a home.

Having a faraday cage that encompasses your entire home is a great grid down prepping option.

Faraday Fabric Options

There are many different Faraday fabric options that you can choose from, depending on your personal needs.

You can use this fabric in a variety of ways to meet your grid down prepping needs.

For example, you may want to sew a pocket into a piece of clothing so that you can carry an electronic gadget on your person and know that it is safe.

You might also want to line the inside of a purse or other bag with Faraday fabric or even create some sort of curtain or tent out of the fabric to protect everything in that space.

Faraday fabric can help protect your gear from electromagnetic interference as well as hacking situations.

Usually, the fabric is made up of a variety of elements such as copper, nickel, and polyester fibers.

Many people like to use this type of survival gear to protect themselves in everyday events, such as preventing the skimming of information from unethical thieves.

When you use large fabric rolls, you can protect items that are bigger than a simple credit card or key fob.

You can protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation and also protect the gadgets you use from an EMP event.

This includes things like smart meters, routers, microwaves, and other appliances that are in or near your home.

You can find Faraday fabric for both commercial and home use.

Many business owners have a desire to protect their electronic gear from harmful tactics.

They might want to consider adding multiple layers of fabric to protect gadgets in their business.

Of course, you could conduct a test using a single layer of the fabric to see if a signal is blocked before you go out laying fabric everywhere.

If the signal, you may need to make it more effective by adding more layers until the electronics are completely protected.

Faraday Fabric Tape And Other Grid Down Prepping Essentials

Also be sure to purchase Faraday fabric tape to hold down the pieces of fabric that you cut.

Securing the fabric will offer protection for your family and the gear that you don’t want compromised.

This tape is also used for grounding purposes and that is another grid down prepping consideration.

You can even find a Faraday fabric that comes in the shape of a four-poster bed canopy.

This protects you while you’re sleeping from any EMF radiation, but can also protect your electronic gear within the canopy.

These faraday bed canopies hang long enough to provide a nice seal.

They are made primarily of BlocSilver and offer almost 100% protection.

These are also washable, and will last a long time if you take good care of them.

If you’re looking for a Faraday bed canopy, you can find them in sizes for twin beds, full beds, queen and king sized beds, and even one big enough for a California king bed.

They are easy to install, and don’t require any tools or drilling to put up so they will easily work with grid down prepping.

Some people choose to take the bed canopy fabric and use it as curtains to block any outside electromagnetic interference.

Most of the bed canopy Faraday fabric is very breathable and sheer in its appearance, yet it still offers great protection.

Regardless of which type of specific Faraday fabric you choose to purchase, always make sure that you look for military grade fabric.

This ensures that law enforcement and military entities are using the same type of fabric for electromagnetic interruption protection that you are.

Faraday Key Fob Protection

It’s hard to believe, but many thieves have taken a wonderful convenience vehicle owners have and turned it into a method for them to steal.

Currently, thieves can steal the signal from your key fob to access your car and take off with it or simply grab whatever’s inside.

Keyless entry was supposed to be a consumer friendly feature, but it has quickly turned into a nightmare now that thieves have learned how to hack the signal and take off with one of your most expensive investments.

This is known as relay theft.

Car thieves can simply use a relay box to hijack the signal from your key fob if it is nearby.

Therefore, it is often done while you are sleeping and your key fob is resting on your night stand or on a table in your foyer.

You can invest in a Faraday bag specifically for your key fob.

Some of them come as a single bag, and others come in two packs.

Ideally, you want one for each member of your family who has a key to any of your vehicles.

Faraday key fob bags are very inexpensive, often costing less than ten US dollars depending on which one you choose.

Keep one at home as well as one in your purse or pocket so that thieves are unable to steal your car while you are out and about, since many theives access your key fob as you are leaving your car to walk into an establishment.

What’s great about these convenient key fob protection bags is that they are compact enough to fit in your pocket or purse, but big enough to also hold your driver’s license and credit cards if you want.

Safe Usage of Your Faraday Gear

First and foremost, you need to get everyone in your household in the habit of using whatever Faraday gear you invest in.

For example, if you want everyone to put their wallet and keys into a box before bedtime, it needs to become part of the bedtime routine for each individual.

Secondly, you may not want to put all of your eggs in one basket.

Not every product is foolproof, so ones that really meet your grid down prepping needs.

Therefore, if one Faraday bag or box happens to not work, you don’t want all of your gear in that one box, unprotected.

Divide everything up into two or more Faraday containers so that if one fails, you always have a backup of other technology and gadgets that you can use in an emergency.

This is especially true if you decide to try to make your own Faraday box.

Some people choose to store older or less used gadgets in their Faraday box.

The items that they use every day, they don’t pack away as often.

For example, you might keep an older smartphone locked away in a Faraday box for an emergency in case an EMP takes out your current phone.

It’s important that you take time to ground your Faraday cage so that it does not have the potential to cause problems if someone in your family were to touch it.

While grounding it does not have a noticeable effect on whether or not it protects the items inside better, it will protect someone who happens to touch the Faraday cage if it has been electrically charged.

Most people who are just getting into grid down prepping have not yet begun to understand the importance of protecting their electronic devices from electromagnetic events.

All it takes is one moment in time to destroy your method of communication, all of your files, and any vital electronic gadgets you rely on, so it’s wise to get educated about this and invest in some important protection for it.

Emergency Planning And Preparedness Tips

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