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How To Survive During Economic and Political Chaos

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If you’ve been watching the economic and political chaos that is going on in the world, then you might be wondering how to survive.

Even if you are prepared, it probably fills you with a sense of foreboding.

The world is changing.

To survive in this uncertain future, it is important to be prepared for change.


High Taxes, Lack Of Food And Violence Everywhere

In some countries, people who don’t like the current model of economics are beginning to show dissatisfaction.

Usually, this is because it has led to hyperinflation and a lack of food supplies.

In other countries, people are sick of the political chaos that makes them feel as if they are being taxed to death.

Not to mention people are tired of hearing about Covid and some are sick of following masking requirements.

Protests abound everywhere, and the streets are filled with turmoil and violence.

Now, it is not out of the question that things could go south at a moment’s notice.

That’s why you need to be prepared for anything, so you can take care of things when they arise.

How To Survive When Chaos Is Inevitable

When chaos is happening somewhere it can be easy to overlook the possibility that it is heading your way.

But if you analyze the recent events that have been happening all around you, then it is clear to see that the world may be on the edge of a worldwide revolution.

Threats are global.

By preparing yourself and your family, when the mismanagement by those in authority comes to a head, you will be able to survive.

Those around you will think of you as one of the lucky ones because you will be able to sustain yourself and your family.

Unrest can happen in the blink of an eye.

Your ordinary world can be turned upside down in the next month, week, or even minute.

If you are going to make it, it will be because you were prepared – because you planned ahead by gaining knowledge and skills.

It will be because you set aside resources and put a support system in place with like-minded individuals.

Get Your Finances In Order

If you are worried about the economy or if the political climate is cause for concern, you should start preparing your finances and personal protection to shield your family.

In fact, this is the first thing you should do when you start to notice changes going on around you that signal political or economic chaos.

This is how to survive these trying times.

When a recession hits, it is too late to try to prepare then – you will just have to accept whatever happens just like everyone else who was unprepared.

From the news alone, it is very clear to see that many parts of the world are in an utter mess because of poor government decisions.

All over the world there is looting and protests going on.

This is happening because some people don’t like the decisions being made and have reached a breaking point.

When things like higher taxes create struggle for the people, it creates upheaval.

This has been the case throughout history.

Those in power often fail to help those who are suffering and desperately need assistance.

Normalcy is restored to the people not by those in authority, but by the regular citizens themselves, who take it upon themselves to change things for the better.

How To Survive When There Are Shortages

During this time you can expect short term or at times long term shortages of life essentials.

Just look at what happened with the toilet paper shortage.

Food shortages have lead to widespread panic and chaos as people who are driven by their own hunger or the hunger of their children seek the supplies they need.

Empty promises by government officials don’t fix empty stomachs.

Legacy Food Storage

In the midst of government ineptitude, it is easy for there to be fuel shortages, caused by rising prices or problems with deliveries.

There can be shortages with getting medication or even basic things like water.

Utilities might even be shut down for extended periods of time.

There will be limits on how much water or electricity you can use.

If you are someone who still thinks that chaos is restricted to another country, consider California.

There have already been warnings about potential power interruptions, water consumption limitations and reduced gas usage warnings.

The chaos is already here.

It is just waiting to erupt.

The only thing left now is to decide what you are going to do about it.

Many are already prepared, others are wondering how to prepare while living on a tight budget and then there are those who will not even try to prepare because they know someone else will.

Preparing Yourself For The Chaos

Money takes a hit when unrest is in the picture.

This might be in the form of banking collapse.

If you doubt this is something that can happen, check out the failed bank list the FDIC maintains.

You will see over 500 entries and these entries aren’t from decades ago.

They are fairly recent.

That should make you leery enough to know that you have to keep some cash on hand and keep your bills paid up.

Many people assume that if a bank is insured by the FDIC, it means their money is protected if the bank goes under.

It is – up to $250,000.

However, the way it works is that when a bank collapses, the FDIC locates a bank to acquire the failing bank.

If they are not able to do that, then you don’t get immediate access to your money.

You have to wait to get it from the FDIC and there is no guarantee when that will happen.

So you are the one who has to look out for yourself in the event of economic chaos.

This involves more than just pulling all your money out of your bank and hiding it under the mattress.

You have to keep the future in mind as well as the present.

Things might be bad on the economic front, but eventually, restoration and recovery will prevail and you want to make sure that you come out on top.

Have cash on hand in the event of a bank collapse but also have money in the form of currency from other countries.

Because when one monetary system fails, it doesn’t mean they all do.

One thing that the economic and political chaos that goes on in some places have taught people is that there is a strong need to diversify your financial picture.

Don’t keep all your monetary assets in one place.

Don’t have your checking, savings, retirement accounts, investment accounts and more with one single bank.

Because if it collapses, then everything you have is tied up.

If you can, you may also want to move money into accounts in a banking system in another country.

Learn An Alternative Means Of Survival

Before an economic situation occurs, make sure you have a safety net in place.

This means you should have enough liquefiable assets so that you won’t have to use credit.

You want to do this because in times of chaos, the credit system often goes down.

Many advisors suggest having three to six months worth of cash or assets to be able to make sure your needs are met.

But in light of chaotic climates, it is better to have a year’s worth of money set aside – or enough assets that you can liquify to keep you going for a year.

Sometimes when chaos continues unending for several months, the economy can take such a downward turn that your money may not be any good.

This is why you need to have a backup plan to help you get what you need.

You simply must understand what your basic needs are in order to survive.

When the economic picture turns dark, you have to keep in mind that you need to make sure you have the basics covered – or you’ll become one of the many desperate individuals.

You need food, shelter, water, clothing and safety.

Those are the categories you should invest both your time, money and effort into right now before it becomes too late.

Sharpen your survival skills so that in case your money or assets can’t provide food, you know how to get it.

You need to know what you can eat off the land and how to re-establish a way to get food.

This might mean bartering, or it might mean growing it yourself or using a reserve supply of goods that you stored up that are separate from what you normally have.

This would be your emergency supply and in the event you have extra, items others need that you can use to barter to get what you need.

In the event that you can’t get to any supplies you’ve set aside, you can find water and food from the land if you know what you’re doing.

Study this and master the skill as if your life depends on it – because it might.

How To Protect Your Business

When people have had enough, they tend to revolt.

At this point, people are completely fed up with empty political promises and regulations that have taken their money and time away from their family and community, and they want them to stop.

They’re tired of working long hours for pay that barely covers the necessities.

So they snap.

Unfortunately, it is common for there to be some kind of casualty when a rebellion or revolution is underway due to an economic or political crisis.

That casualty might be the steady operation of a business.

In the event of political or economic chaos, when protesters take to the streets, businesses are often attacked.

Rocks or other objects are thrown through windows, doors are kicked in and looters make off with everything that is not bolted to the floor.

Many business owners are unprepared when acts propelled by chaos occur.

So as a result, they can lose thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory.

They may also experience damage to the shop that could force the business to close until repairs are made.

Depending on how long the chaos goes on, this could have a strong impact on your bottom line, which affects your future.

When you know that there are stirrings of protest or unrest, don’t wait to protect your business – especially if it is located in a main area where people may take to the streets.

Prepare your business the same way that you would if a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, were to hit.

Anything that is high value, you want to remove from the business.

Clean out your safe.

Don’t keep any deposits, cash or otherwise, in the business.

Install or upgrade security measures.

If you don’t have an alarm system, get one installed including a camera system.

If you have one in the store, when someone breaks in, they can easily rip the camera off the wall or ceiling and take the recordings with them.

Have high quality, precision capture cameras mounted high on the outside of your building near the roof.

This way, if someone breaks in, you may have the means of identifying the person and can recoup some of your loss.

Some people might suggest that business owners board up their glass doors and windows.

But those who are determined to gain access to your property will simply use a crowbar or other object to pry the wood off.

Boarding up your business lets others know that you have something valuable you are trying to hide.

One of the things that protesters and looters often do is hurl a brick through a window of a store to gain access to the goods.

Or they will hit the windows with a sharp object that causes the glass to break.

Once the glass shatters, the people step right through and then run away with whatever they can carry or fit into their pockets.

These successful break ins are what happens when you have ordinary retail glass installed.

It is important to invest in tempered laminated glass to protect against the chaos that could potentially impact your business, before it ever has the chance.

This glass can take blunt force impacts without sustaining any damage and is an affordable investment that has the potential to save thousands of dollars, in the event of a riot or other chaotic situation.

This type of glass can be bullet resistant as well.

If the protestors can’t gain access to your store, that means no monetary loss for you unless of course they burn the building.

If you have a business that delivers to customers, you need to stay on top of whatever kind of chaos is going on in areas that you ship goods to.

Protesters and looters have been known to stop delivery trucks and take the goods or set the vehicle on fire.

That means that you could lose money by having to replace the items that were taken or be held responsible for putting an employee in immediate danger.

If there is upheaval going on in an area that you ship to, have an announcement on your website that you are aware of this.

Then state that you will be shipping the item and charging shipping costs plus the cost of insuring the item on top of the cost of the item.

That way, if something does happen, the item will be replaced, and you won’t be out that money.

How To Survive In Your Home 

You want to avoid chaos if possible, but it is not always possible because reason flies out the window when people get to a place where they feel they have no other options or feel they can get away with disruption.

Law and order break down.

Your normal way of living your life comes to a halt.

You need to know how to protect your home and personal possessions in the event that the chaos comes to you.

Have a plan – because without one, people tend to panic and make foolish or life-endangering decisions.

Make copies of your important paperwork and then put the originals in your planned bug out location so they won’t get taken or destroyed.

It is also a good idea to put these items in your bug out bag that you keep with you just in case you can’t get to your planned bug out location.

Install security cameras on your home and make them as visible as they can be.

Make your home as unwelcoming as possible to those intending harm to you or your property.

Easy equals access.

Something that a thief has to work for lessens your odds of having your home come under attack.

Even in times of chaos, the bad guys want to get in and out quickly.

You want your home to be as clear of debris as you can make it.

Anything that is combustible should be removed because many people involved in chaos will destroy your property with fire just because they can.

Hide your gas cans if you have them and move your car somewhere where you can hide it but will still have easy access to it in the event you need it.

During economic and political unrest, vehicles are often overturned, stolen or set on fire.

Have easy access to fire extinguishers as well as an escape plan if a fire does overtake your home.

Check your points of entry to be sure they are secure and locked.

Create a hindrance to deter easy access to your home such as a fence that is sturdy and fortified.

Make it difficult for someone to scale your fence.

If you are in an area where electric fencing is ok to use, install it.

Plant thorny shrubs or climbing rose bushes that make it painful for thieves to breach your fence.

Clear out any thick or tall shrubbery that is against your home and move any outdoor furniture or objects that can be used as a blind spot or a ladder for would-be thieves.

Get a protective guard dog and put signs up on your fence and in the windows of your home.

Install cameras with warning signs.

Strengthen all points of entry to your home.

Your doors and windows should be tough, locked and able to withstand blunt force.

Those intending to break in usually kick in a door or window and it is the wood surrounding this area that usually gives first.

Make sure that the wood or frames surrounding your doors and windows won’t provide easy access.

Have a safe room you can retreat to if your home is breached.

In that room, you should keep all the supplies you need such as food, water, blankets, weapons, communication devices and an emergency radio.

Be sure the communication devices you have in that room work when the room is sealed and that they cannot be easily disconnected from the outside.

Activate your bug out plan if needed.

You can plan to protect your home and possessions and still have something happen.

It is okay to retreat – especially in the face of a mob.

You can’t reason with mob mentality, so it is better to lose your possessions than your life.

Armed Shooter And Riot Tips


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