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How To Plan For Survival Emergency Preparedness Situations

It is essential that everyone knows how to plan for survival emergency preparedness situations in this day and age.

While it is true that every generation has to endure hardships that are unexpected and dangerous, these past few years have been full of these situations.

Every time something happens, there are those who are prepared and those who aren’t.

The end result is the ones who are not prepared are left devastated.

When a SHTF situation unfolds, you want yourself and your loved ones to be able to survive and navigate the disaster so that you all emerge unscathed.

You need to know what is possible, how to prepare for it, and what, if any, products to buy ahead of time that can help you through a potentially life changing situation.

Get Ready For Civil Chaos

Civil chaos has already reared its ugly head and has the potential to do so again at any time.

Riots once seemed far away, but now they have the ability to come to any neighborhood and take any form from brutal beatings to the burning down of buildings and other destruction.

Since you never know what you will be dealing with when a societal breakdown occurs, you want to be prepared for any scenario including the need to safely escape a riot that breaks out right in front of you.

One of the first things you can do is fortify your home against intruders by making sure your doors and windows are not only secure with good locks, but also shatterproof.

Remove the screws that are currently in your door and replace them with ones that are three inches long if possible.

While no one wants to live in a home with bars on the windows and doors, having a way to secure your windows and doors in the event of an emergency is a good idea. 

There are many solutions on the market to cover doors and windows.

Some such as the Kevlar Window Coverings are even knife proof when pulled down and locked into place.

There is also an option for bulletproof doors and bullet resistant windows if you wish to go that route.

Make sure you have the protection that you and your loved ones need within the home in case someone does breach the entry.


With that said, proper firearm safety is important.

Be sure everyone who might use a firearm knows how to properly load and use one.

Keep your firearms locked in a secure safe and out of reach of children or others who might have ill intentions.

Keep your ammo locked up and out of site as well.

Also make preparations to bug out to another location in case you are forced to leave your home.

Purchase a bug out bag for each family member, and fill it with the supplies you need to last at least 72 hours, including food, water, a first aid kit and more.

Make sure your gas tank is always full and that all members of your family know where to meet up if you are separated.

Prepare For A Pandemic

In the past two years, we have all been experiencing the fallout of a global pandemic.

You never know when this will occur again in a similar or worse state.

As you saw in the beginning, supplies are often wiped out because people panic and you are unable to get the items your family needs most.

You want to be able to survive without having to go out in public.

This is why it is so important to stock up on food supplies, water, toiletries, and medical supplies such as fever reducers, cold and flu medicines, N95 masks, bleach, disposable gloves, and other items.

Keep an eye on the news, not only in your immediate, local area, but also on a global scale.

If you see supplies are being wiped out in other places, chances are that scarcity will be coming to you soon.

By stocking up in advance, you won’t need to rush to the store and buy all the supplies you need, such as toilet paper while everyone who didn’t prepare is doing that.

Instead you can stay home, stay safe and know that your family is taken care of.

Take Shelter In A Tornado

Being prepared for tornado weather is something that many individuals have to do who live in locations where they are common, such as Tornado Alley in the United States.

As we have seen in the news lately, tornadoes can be mild or fully destructive.

The first thing you want to do is make sure each family member is aware of what to do in case of a tornado watch or warning.

If you don’t have a built-in tornado shelter, then you need to take yourself, your loved ones, and pets to a safe place within the home, such as an inside room that has no windows and that is on a low floor of your home or building.

It’s a good idea to have access to products that can allow you to stay informed during bad weather events, such as a smart phone battery backup bank as well as a hand crank weather radio.

Many of these have lights built into them, and you may need this if the electricity goes out and it is nighttime.

In the event you do have to leave your home, you don’t want to be navigating a destroyed neighborhood without appropriate lighting.

It is also a good idea to keep blankets, pillows, a first aid kit as well as other emergency supplies such as food and water in your tornado shelter, just in case you have to stay in it for an extended period of time.

How To Survive A Hurricane

The great thing about preparing for a hurricane is the fact that you get plenty of advanced notice.

If you live in an area that is prone to destruction from hurricane force winds and rain, you will be able to vacate the premises days in advance.

If you plan to stay in place you have time to prepare for the coming disaster.

However, this does not safeguard your home or belongings.

You may be able to protect your home from flooding with sandbags or inflatable barriers that are designed for this purpose.

You can board up windows and move important items to a second story to try to keep them safe, but again there is no guarantee.

All you can do it prepare the best way you can and hope for the outcome you want.

There may even be a situation where you have stayed behind and will need to stock up on supplies to get you through the time during and after the hurricane hits.

Hopefully you have thought this out and prepared beforehand, but again, anything can happen.

Start by making sure you have a first aid kit, emergency food and water in case you do not have access to any.

What To Do When War Breaks Out

In America, we have not had to prepare civilian neighborhoods for a full scale war.

Still, you never know what the future holds, so you need to be prepared with an emergency supply of items that will help you get through any disaster.

First, make sure you are able to listen to news and instructions using a ham radio or crank radio.

Besides food and water, you will also need items that will help in case the enemy takes out the grid, such as batteries and solar products.

Remember that if the grid goes down, it is likely that cell phones and the internet won’t work.

You would want to make sure that yourself and your family are armed for self-defense, and that you have the capability to grow your own food for this foreseeable future.

In the event of a nuclear war, you may want to have radiation pills on hand, or have a well stocked bunker to go to.

Earthquake Survival Emergency Preparedness Strategy

Some regions of the world are more at risk for a devastating earthquake than others, but you never truly know where one will hit.

There are certain indicators ahead of time that experts announce periodically, so stay informed first and foremost.

You want to have a safe place to shelter at in the event of an earthquake, which means protecting yourself with sturdy walls and beneath sturdy furniture if necessary.

Remember that buildings can be severely damaged by an earthquake and items on shelves can fall off.

This is why protecting yourself by getting underneath a piece of sturdy furniture is highly recommended.

You will need the same emergency supplies that you would have on hand in another type of event, such as food, first aid, and water.

Depending on where you live, you may also need to prepare your family for a tsunami.

This may happen if the earthquake hits in a different area, and you are in the direct path of the fallout from the ocean.

Forming Plans For Safety From Fire

Fires have devastated many communities in the past several years.

They may come about naturally due to drought conditions, or they may be set intentionally by people who are mentally ill or evil people with an agenda.

You want to protect your family and home from fire devastation.

Start by making sure you are protected within the house with smoke alarms that are routinely tested for functionality.

Keep at least one fire extinguisher in your home and if it is a large home or a multi-level home, consider keeping more than one on hand so no one ends up trapped.

Make sure every family member knows how to escape the home in the event of a fire.

For homes with multi-levels, a fire ladder is highly recommended.

If you live in an area where there are routinely warnings about wildfires, make sure you take your family and pets, along with any valuables or important documents, and escape the area as soon as you are notified.

Buy and keep on hand fire extinguishers and other products that can provide a level of protection for your family.

That may include things such as a fire escape mask or fire blankets that can help people escape the smoke and flames safely.

Taking Cold And Heat Weather Warnings Seriously

Extreme heat and winter weather can cause much discomfort and even death for individuals who do not have the proper protection from the elements.

If you are trying to survive without air conditioner in heat that has reached 110 degrees, you may not make it.

An old trick that can be used to help you stay cool is to place a bowl of ice on a table in a small room with a fan behind it blowing over the ice.

While this doesn’t work for large areas and certainly is no replacement for an air conditioner, it does work for smaller spaces.

Likewise, as we saw in Texas during the winter of 2021, when the grid goes down in extreme cold weather, people will suffer and possibly die.

Even if you live in a location that is usually hot, such as Texas, you need to be prepared for the opposite extreme.

Even warm climates can get hit with extreme cold weather and people will need to stay warm.

Warm places generally do not have furnaces in their homes or if they do, they are seldom used, it is a good idea to have one installed, keep it maintained and have it set up on a backup generator just in case you ever need it.

Another option is to have a wood burner or fireplace installed and know how to use them to safely keep your family warm.

Make sure you have plenty of food and water as well as warmth or cooling products on hand.

You may not have access to electricity or water at that time, if the grid has gone down.

If you have advanced notice about an extreme weather event, and they are warning about blackouts or brownouts, then you may want to leave the area and go to a place that is not vulnerable to losing electricity.

Surviving A Supply Chain Breakdown

Supply chains can breakdown at any moment as we have seen the past few years.

Whether it’s due to the inability of shipyards to secure the labor needed to unload the barges, or a strike by workers who refuse to deliver goods, or even a pandemic that has caused certain goods to become scarce – you may have to deal with the inability to get what you need.

The first thing you want to do is begin stockpiling things that are necessary for your family to survive and thrive.

Whether it’s a certain medication a loved one needs, or simply food to keep everyone alive, you want to stock up on those items ahead of time.

While it might not be practical or possible to have a years supply of everything on hand, it is something to aim for.

Keep an ear to the ground about supply chain issues and be prepared to gather any last minute supplies you may need if there is something that’s about to disrupt civilians access to certain items.

Make sure you are able to walk into your backyard and find food for your family in a garden, along with a rain barrel full of water that you are able to purify at any given time.

Do not talk about the supplies you are stockpiling with anyone, and instruct your family to do the same so that you are not targeted when goods are nowhere to be found.

Protecting Your Family And Belongings From Floods

It’s always important that you know whether or not you live in a flood zone.

This is not always a foolproof way to determine whether your home and belongings will be safe, but it gives you an idea.

There is a flood map service center you can use to look up flood zones.

Don’t know assume your homeowner’s insurance will cover flood damage, because most don’t.

You will need to have specific flood insurance to protect your belongings.

Floods can come from severe events such as tsunamis, as well as common issues like an abundance of rain, or even a technical breakdown like the breaking of a dam.

You may not have very much notice, but you need to know ahead of time what to do in case of an impending threat.

Get your family to high ground or in a safe shelter.

If you have time to move items to a higher floor in your home do so and be sure to grab your bug out bags as well as any important papers before you leave your home.

Make sure if you are bugging out that you never drive through any water that could be prone to floods, including those as small as six inches in depth as water getting on your vehicles motor could cause it to stop running.

What To Do If You Live In A Volcano Eruption Area 

Volcano eruptions are not common for most locations, but if you are in an area where it is possible, you will want to be prepared ahead of time.

You will need the typical survival products, such as non-perishable food, water, solar or battery operated devices, a hand crank radio, and first aid kit.

This is a survival event that you will generally have advanced warning notice for, so evacuation is paramount to your survival.

If you happen to be caught in an area where a volcano has erupted, you will need to protect your lungs and eyes from harm.

Make sure you have goggles to wear as well as a mask or other respirator that will allow you to breathe as the ash falls.

You’ll have to protect your skin in case of falling debris that could burn you.

When you do get to someplace safe, shower as soon as possible to remove any debris from your skin.

Destructive Solar Flare Survival Emergency Preparedness

Solar flares and storms are actually fairly common, and most go unnoticed by the average citizen.

However, in the event of a major solar flare, the grid could be knocked out and it could take years for it to be rebuilt.

You want to make sure that you are stocked up on supplies of food, water and that you have plenty of self-defense measures in place to protect you and your loved ones as well as your supplies in case of a societal breakdown.

You may not be able to use things like your debit card when purchasing items, so make sure you have cash on hand or supplies that you can barter with if necessary.

The biggest problem with a solar flare is not a direct threat to your life, but instead the takedown of technology, so you need to prepare to be without it for a significant amount of time.

Signs And Survival For Economic Collapse

Each and every day, you hear talk online and on the news about certain financial struggles, from recession to inflation.

These are things that every individual has to navigate on a regular basis, and you can protect yourself by being smart with your money, establishing a savings, and staying out of debt.

In the event that there is an economic collapse, your money will be no good.

Instead, you may have to exchange goods and supplies for the items that you need.

Therefore, creating a stockpile of additional supplies that are not intended for your family to use would be a smart investment.

You also want to look into the investment of gold, which has withstood the test of time as a financial resource you can rely on.

This is something that you will typically have some advance notice of, but you may be used to blowing it off until the day it truly happens.

When The Grid Goes Down Here’s What to Do

When the grid goes down, it can turn into a major SHTF situation.

It will affect almost every aspect of your life.

This is why some people go off-grid for short periods of time to learn how to live without all the modern conviences before an actual SHTF event occurs.

You will not have access to the convenience of groceries.

If you doubt that, think about all the times in the past few years that stores have closed because their computer system went down and they had no way to process your orders.

Your heat and air conditioner will fail to work.

You won’t be able to access information easily through radio, TV, or the Internet.

In order to combat these issues, you have to be prepared to go without power for an extended amount of time.

There are many solar products that you can invest in that will allow you to charge your phone, cook meals, provide heat for your family, and more.

It is also possible to build an efficient portable stove for grid down survival out of things you might already have on hand.

You can also invest in a generator that can keep your household afloat for a short amount of time.

It is possible to prep for survival on a budget, so do not feel like prepping is only for people with money.

Taking The Threat Of Terror Seriously

Terror attacks can happen to anyone, at any time.

They can be biological weapons, knife attacks, bombs, or other situations.

You want to be aware at all times of your surroundings and be alert to any suspicious behavior.

Whether you’re walking down the street, at your workplace, in a mall, or elsewhere terror can strike anywhere.

Never pick up bags or items that have been left unattended.

Report any suspicious behavior immediately, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable or as if you’re overreacting.

Make sure you always have a bug out bag nearby.

You can keep one in your car that has enough food or water for 72 hours, along with plenty of first aid gear to help yourself and others who may need it.

Keep in mind that terror isn’t always a foreign event.

It can be a domestic one, too and from any age group or ethnicity.

Make sure you evacuate the area if you are met with any terror threat, and as a last resort, be ready to fight back.


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