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Inside Out Downloadable Family Activity Sheets

Today I am sharing with you some new downloadable family activity sheets inspired by Disney – Pixar’s Inside Out including coloring sheets, door hangers, and more! 

These downloadable family activity sheets are available in both English and Spanish.

Disney’s Pixar Inside Out is a tremendous movie that talks about 5 of the emotions humans have and how they work together to create a decision.

Riley Anderson From Inside Out

The movie is about Riley Anderson and her family.

Riley is an 11 year old pre-teen girl in the 6th grade who’s life has remained pretty perfect through the years.

She absolutely loves ice hockey and it is her favorite sport.

Riley grew up in Minnesota with her mom and her dad. 

Riley has many friends and loves her life in Minnesota.

Her best friend is from Minnesota and her name is Meg.

The Emotions From Inside Out

There are five emotions introduced in the movie joy, disgust, fear, anger and sadness.

Each emotion plays a huge role in making sure Riley is safe and happy. 

Joy is responsible for keeping Riley happy and helping her make happy memories.

Disgust is responsible for keeping Riley safe from toxic things both physically and socially.

Fear is responsible for making sure that Riley doesn’t get hurt.

Anger is responsible for making sure things go as planned and are fair. 

Sadness has the ability to touch memories and turn them sad.

She has deep compassion and empathy for Riley’s troubles, however she lacks the confidence to know she is right about Riley’s needs.

The Islands of Personality From Inside Out

Riley has several islands in her mind that represent who she is as a person.

These are powered by Riley’s core memories.

The islands are, Hockey Island, Goofball Island, Friendship Island, Honesty Island, and Family Island.

Hockey Island represents Riley’s love for hockey it has many different hockey-related things on the island.

Goofball Island is the second largest island and represents Riley’s goofy childhood.

Friendship Island represents Riley’s sense of friendship it’s decorated with a merry-go-round and other friendship related things.

Honesty Island is a representation of Riley’s integrity it has a justice court hammer on the island. 

Family Island is the largest Island you can see Riley being held in her mother and father’s arms and many family- related things surrounding them.

The Big Move During Inside Out

Riley started her journey to her new house in San Francisco excited for the new adventure.

Her first disappointment was seeing the new house.

Her emotions had helped her envision several different ideas of what the house would look like. 

Everything from there just seems to get worse.

When Joy and the other emotions try to make the best of things they get caught with a new obstacle. 

Riley’s emotions are completely caught off guard from everything and begin to try to figure out how to adjust to the new life they are up against. 

Sadness begins to feel the urge to touch all the memories turning them into sad memories. 

My Honest Opinion On The Movie Inside Out

I love this movie.

I love the detail that it gives on the five emotions.

To me the movie shows how changes can be so hard for children to deal with.

This movie is both serious and funny.

This a is whole family movie everyone will enjoy watching. 

Over all I give Disney Pixar a 10 out of 10 on this movie it was well thought out and well acted.

My children love this movie they have watched it time and time again.

It always brings up so conversations and questions which is good.  

Inside Out Movie Activity Sheets 

Use the Inside Out Movie Activity Sheets to talk to your children after watching the movie.

Talk about the different emotions in the movie as you do the activities provided.

Ask them who their favorite emotion is and why they like that emotion.

These are a great way to have some fun with your kids.

Children love interactive things related to movies they have seen and can connect well with.

So what are you waiting for?

Download the activity sheets today and get started!  












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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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