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Cherries Covered In Candy Cane White Chocolate Dessert Recipe

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Sometimes a chocolate dessert recipe is a little different than what one might expect.

White candy cane covered chocolate cherries with edible silver stars sitting on a plate.

This particular chocolate dessert recipe isn’t a cake or cookie, but rather a candy cane white chocolate dipped cherry with silver stars.

Different is good – and these were certainly delicious!

Not to mention how perfect a candy cane flavored dessert is for the holiday season.

The Inspiration For This White Chocolate Dessert Recipe

I came across a photo of white chocolate covered cherries on Pinterest the other day.

I was intrigued by the photo because of how elegant the cherries looked.

They also seemed like more of a gourmet food.

I was also in search of some finger foods for my upcoming reception and these looked perfect.

The Story Behind The White Chocolate Dessert Recipe

So off to the store I went to buy some sweet cherries.

I already had candy cane flavored white chocolate and the edible silver stars, so I didn’t need those.

I bought a half-pound bag of cherries.

This was just an experiment to see how hard they were to make and if I even liked them once they were done.

While I knew I liked the pie cherry recipes I had made, I was not so sure how well I liked sweet cherries.

I must say I was very pleased with the outcome of this chocolate dessert and the taste of sweet cherries.

The Process Of Making This White Chocolate Dessert Recipe

First I put the white chocolate Candy Melts in my Baby Cakes Chocolatier Chocolate Dipper.

Then I cheated and melted them  in the microwave using the instructions on the back of the white chocolate package.

Normally I melt chocolate on the stove, but it was late and I was getting tired, so I made an exception.

Then I put the ceramic crock pot of melted candy cane flavored white chocolate in the Baby Cakes Chocolatier to keep it warm while I worked.

Sweet cherries being held by the stem and dipped into the candy cane white chocolate to create this chocolate dessert recipe.

Lessons Learned While Making This Chocolate Dessert Recipe

It was a painstaking process at first.

I wanted the chocolate covering to be perfect.

I dipped each cherry, then sprinkled the silver edible stars on it and held it in my hand until the chocolate was dry.

This was taking forever.

I decided the chocolate was not without imperfection anyway, so I started dipping them, sprinkling the silver edible stars on them and just sitting them on a plate to dry.

I figured I would re-dip the bottom of the cherries once the tops and sides were dry.

This method worked well – and was a lot faster.

I really don’t think anyone noticed the imperfections of the chocolate anyway – they were too busy eating them!

Here is the exact recipe.


Cherries Covered In Candy Cane White Chocolate Dessert Recipe

White candy cane covered chocolate cherries with edible silver stars sitting on a plate.
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  • Author: Sheri Ann Richerson
  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Total Time: 20 minutes
  • Yield: 4 servings 1x




  1. Wash and dry the cherries. Do not use any that are damaged for this recipe.
  2. Melt the candy melts in either a chocolate melting pot or a double boiler.
  3. Once the candy melts are melted, begin dipping the cherries, one at a time, into the white chocolate. It is up to you how far into the white chocolate you dip each cherry.
  4. Swirl the cherry as you lift it out of the chocolate to remove any excess.  White chocolate covered cherries being sprinkled with edible silver star glitter to create this chocolate dessert recipe.
  5. Hold it over a paper towel or plate while the chocolate is still warm and sprinkle the edible glitter silver stars onto the chocolate. These come out really fast, so putting them on a saucer where you can pick up a few at a time is a good idea.
  6. Either hold onto the cherry long enough for the chocolate to dry or simply sit it upright on wax paper. If you sit it upright, the bottom will flatten some.
  7. Once the chocolate is completely dry, either put them into a sealed container in an area that is not too hot so the chocolate won’t melt, or serve them immediately.


Note: I do not advise storing these in a refrigerator because of the condensation that will occur when you remove these from the refrigerator.

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Final Thoughts About The Cherries Covered In Candy Cane White Chocolate Dessert Recipe

This dessert – or appetizer as you might consider it, is ideal for wedding receptions, baby showers or even as part of the desserts served at a brunch.

Cherries, especially dark cherries, are both delicious and contain powerful antioxidants.

While white chocolate isn’t exactly good for you because of the high amount of saturated fat, the amount on each cherry is minimal unless of course you keep dipping the cherry into the melted chocolate to make the coating thicker.

I suggest one quick dip and then allowing the excess to drip off.

I hope you enjoy this recipe – and if you want to make it healthier, substitute the candy cane candy melts for dark chocolate, but do read the ingredients and make sure the first ingredient is chocolate and not sugar.

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White candy cane covered chocolate cherries with edible silver stars sitting on a plate.

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