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The Best Way to Hone Your Survival Skills

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Disclaimer: We did receive the Apocabox Welcome Box for free in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are our own.

We have a strong will to survive, but that will can easily get beaten down when faced with overwhelming situations which is why honing your survival skills now is so important.

A situation is only overwhelming when there is a clear lack of knowledge or skill.

When you know what do to because you have already planned ahead of time, you can act on instinct rather than react in a panic.

Hone Your Survival Skills By Practicing Them

Fire drills are practiced in schools and should be in your home, so that everyone will know what he or she is supposed to do.

When you perform a task often enough, you can do it automatically without thinking about it when an emergency hits.

Test yourself by practicing your survival skills by going camping on the weekends and only bring your survival bag.

Camp in inclement weather so you will be prepared to handle whatever Mother Nature throws your way, but remember to let someone know the area where you are going to go camping.

Practice often so you will know what to do in the event of weather disasters, health emergencies and threats to your safety.

Your Survival Skills Must Include Knowing First Aid

Is is important that you are familiar with your first aid kit.

Consider taking a CPR class.

Practice treating a wound, helping an unconscious person, practice setting a broken bone, treating a burn, etc.

Practice what to do if you are unable to call for help and you are wounded.

It is important because the best way to survive is to practice what you are going to do in any worst case scenario.

You might not live in an area prone to tornadoes, but that doesn’t mean one won’t happen.

Be prepared for the unexpected and prepare yourself mentally.

If you allow the situation to overwhelm you or to make you fall into the trap of self-pity, your survival odds drop.

Survival Supplies You Need

The first step to take is to assess your situation and realize that you need three things – shelter, food and water.

Of the three, find shelter first, a water supply second and food last.

Of course, practicing is easy when you are already prepared for survival and know there is no immediate danger.

You should have a stockpile of food and necessities already gathered in your emergency pantry for your survival.

You should have staples in large quantities.

Have water jugs filled and ready in your emergency pantry.

Besides food, have batteries, flashlights and a camp stove put back as well.

But you should also get survival guides and study those so that you will know what to do if you have to get your food source from the land.

For example, some people advocate eating plants, but certain plants will not only upset your stomach, they will kill you.

What you want to do is to hope the worst case scenario never takes place – but you want to be prepared for it if it does.

We have found a subscription box that can help you with your survival skills as well as provide you with essential tools for your bug out bag.

The Apocabox Welcome Box Can Help You Hone Your Survival Skills

Creek Stewart was kind enough to send us both the welcome box and the monthly subscription box.

Inside the box was a bow drill kit, a pocket box survival skills challenge and so much more.

Something that I have been really, really interested in is his survival skills challenge because let’s face it, we can all use some help to hone our survival skills.

I feel like having a challenge sent to me with all the necessary tools to complete the challenge is a great way to motivate myself.

There is also a membership only Facebook Group where you can meet up with others who are honing their survival skills with help from Creek Stewart.

A Look Inside The Apocabox Welcome Box

In addition to the Welcome Box Contents List, there were a number of tools, some postcards offering special deals on online courses and a few unexpected items such as seeds.

The nice thing about the contents list is it lets you know exactly what is in the kit and why.

Plus it guides you to where to look to learn more if you are unsure about a skill.

For example, the Feuerstock Ferro Rod is a great fire starting tool, but maybe you need help learning how to use it.

If so, there is a coupon for a percentage off an online Ferro Rod Mastery Course.

Creek Stewart also has information on other instructors courses with coupons off on those as well.

So if you are looking to learn through an online course, this box guides you to some of the best online courses out there and you get to save a little money on them.

Your Survival Skills Should Include Learning How To Sprout Seeds

Next is the survival sprouting kit and sprouting lids, which caught me totally off guard.

There is also the organic alfalfa sprouting seeds so that you could get started sprouting and learning the skill right away.

Sprouting fresh greens on your kitchen table is the missing link for many.

I mean we just don’t think of putting sprouting supplies in our long term food storage pantries.

In under six days you can sprout mounds of fresh greens that are loaded with a essential vitamins and minerals.

They are perfect for salad sandwiches, smoothies, and more.

The two custom designed sprouting lids fit perfectly onto a standard size glass Mason jar.

Fresh food is something that most people don’t keep a supply of or have a way to create it.

It’s just not in people’s pantries.

So this is really, really awesome.

The idea for some living food in your pantry  is great.

You might think sprouting, is really easy thus there is no need to practice, but you can have some problems.

Mold is one of those.

You can get the seeds to sprout and then they can just die.

So it is a skill that you should learn.

I feel like I should have thought about sprouting seeds to go in the pantry a long time ago, but I didn’t.

So, you know, that’s something that another person has thought of that’s in this Apocabox that I wouldn’t have thought of.

You might not have thought of it either.

Bug Repellant Is Something You Don’t Want To Get Caught Without 

Next is an all natural bug repellant.

This is a handcrafted insect repellent.

The enclosed bottle of Bugstuff is a handcrafted formulation of essential oils derived from three insect repelling plants.

The oils include rapeseed oil, pure peppermint oil and rose geranium oil.

It is 100% plant based with no fillers and no water.

It includes nothing but the good stuff and there is no need to shake it as it will never separate.

It has an indefinite shelf life.

Be sure to throw this awesome stuff in your bug out bag or everyday carry on your next excursion outside.

Bug stuff does not contain soy or peanut oils.

It is made for external use only and best of all, it really does smell good.

Knives, Can Openers And So Much More For Your Bug Out Bag

There is a super knife sharpening system.

Actually, it’s a desktop knife sharpening system that features a ceramic fine sharpening wheel.

There is also an alloy metal course sharpening wheel to sharpen dull knives in minutes.

It is perfect for quick and easy touch-ups to your knives to make sure they are sharp before you head out to the field. 

There is also a can opener.

This is very nice and it can be very, very handy.

Next up we have the Mora 511 Camp Knife.

This is an all around camp knife that is made in Sweden and it’s one Creek’s absolute favorite knives.

Not only is it razor sharp, but it’s also incredibly durable.

It is eight inches long with a three and a half inch carbon steel blade.

The camp knife comes in a case that does have belt clip. 

This is going to be very useful.

There’s no substitute for a well-built folding handsaw.

The great thing about this saw is it’s aggressive enough to saw large logs and fine to enough to cap notches for camp furniture and traps.

It is 12 inches overall and has a nine and three quarter inch stainless saw blade.

It actually locks closed, so that’s really nice.  

There is also a key ring, it has the Apocabox logo on one side and on the other side it says not if, but when.

Make Sure Fire Starting Is Part Of Your Survival Skills

Next we have the Feuerstock Ferro Rod I mentioned earlier.

It says when it comes to fire starting tools you can depend on your Feuerstock Ferro Rod to send lightening hot sparks downrange to help you start a fire under any conditions.

The one half inch bar can be scraped thousands of times before wearing thin.

 The included storage bag keeps it clean and at the ready.

Plus it has a mini ruler on both sides just in case you need it. 

Next we have a bow drill.

If you have no idea of what a bow drill is, it’s for fire starting.

This is one of the classics for fire starting and the pocket field guide is the step-by-step that goes with.

There is a pocket field guide that includes information to help you with the identification of several of the types of trees that you want to use for fire starting.

Not only would this easily fit into a pocket, but it’ll fit in the bug out bag beautifully.

It’ll be handy and you will know where you can get to it, especially if you keep it with the rest of this kit.

Remember this is the survival skills challenge.

This kit has been field tested by hundreds of a Apocabox subscribers and includes everything you need to bust out a big fat umber, otherwise known as BFE.

Having a bow drill kit made that fit into your pocket box was no easy task.

Your challenge is to get a fire going on your own.

Challenges Help You Build Your Survival Skills

This was what drew me to the Apocabox in the first place, the challenges.

Every month they have a new skills challenge. 

I mean, this is just an incredible collection of introductory survival items.

I am impressed by all of this stuff. 

I know so many people that think well, I’m going to buy this and I’m going to buy that.

I’m going to get this book and that book.

Then when I need it, I’ll have the books.

That’s a little too late.

I’m sorry, but that’s a little too late.

There are people who do just fine learning from books.

But not in an emergency situation where you are going to do it, or you’re going to deal with the consequences of not being prepared.

Sometimes it really is a you’re going to do it, or you’re gonna die situation.

Sometimes you don’t have the time to pull out a book and start reading it to try and attempt actually doing it successfully.

You have to have that knowledge already and have the confidence to know that you can do it on a moment’s notice.

When you start to panic, you start to do everything backwards, because you’ve gotten frustrated and you really need whatever you’re doing to work.

You know, when you are already dealing with an emergency situation, that is not the time to learn a new skill.

We Love The Apocabox Welcome Box

The Apocabox Welcome Box is completely full of so many great tools to help you get started on your path to preparedness as well.

I would say these tools are well over the value of the Apocabox. 

This Welcome Box has definitely got a lot of good, useful items in it.

You need to go get your Apocabox and get the welcome box.

Get the coupons and get all of these really cool tools.

Today is the time to start honing your survival skills and I truly believe the Apocabox Welcome Box can get you on your way to living the self-sufficient life you dream of.

Bug Out Bag + Evacuation Tips


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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