Elegant Cooking

Bacon Maple Green Beans

By Sheri Ann Richerson

January 31, 2018

When I came across this bacon maple green beans recipe in the Where Women Cook Magazine I was reading, I knew I had to try it.

Behind The Scenes

I had never had baked green beans before and was kind of scared this recipe was going to ruin my fresh green beans – but I have to tell you I was tempted to try it.

I’m glad I did too because although this is not going to be the main way I cook green beans from the garden, it is certainly worth doing from time to time.

The green beans tasted good but were a bit on the sweet side for my taste.

They looked elegant wrapped in bacon and so for a special meal, this recipe is ideal.

A little prep work is all it takes, then they bake in the oven right along with your other food.

Here is my recipe.

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