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Learn Why My Pet Is My Hero

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Chicken Soup for The Soul Pet Food and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network. I am being compensated for helping create awareness around the Brand and new product launch, but we only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Chicken Soup for The Soul is not responsible for the content of this article.

My pet is my hero, which is no surprise to people who know me, because over the years I have a lot of pets who have been my hero.

Charlie is the current hero in the family.

Those of you who are pet lovers are sure to have a pet hero.

This is why I was so excited when I heard about Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food and their mission to find and share their Show Us Your Hero Pet Contest.

Simply put my pet is my hero because he is awesome, always there for me and loves me no matter what – even when I am having a bad day.

Jeffrey playing with Charlie outside.


The Day I Met Charlie

This past June I met Charlie for the first time.

He belonged to someone else, but they were moving.

Charlie and I connected right away – and I said to my husband if they got rid of Charlie because of the move, I wanted him.

He looked very similar to my Precious Angel who had passed away 10 months prior.

He was energetic and loving.

I knew immediately he was the right dog for me and he must have known too because that first day he tried to get in my car and come home with me.

He was just a few weeks shy of being a year old at that point.

Charlie getting a hug from me before trying his new Chicken Soup For The Soul pet food.

My Pet Is My Hero Even Though He Needed Behavior Modification

A couple weeks later the text came – did we want Charlie?

I immediately said when can we pick him up.

I was told as soon as I wanted, so we left someone else in charge of our rummage sale and went to get him.

He loved both my husband and I so we assumed he was just super friendly.

We put him in the car and came home.

Then we found out our assumption was wrong.

Charlie is protective.

In fact he growls and barks at everyone – even the TV.

We have had to buy him a muzzle so he cannot bite our house guests.

We use a collar with tones and vibrations – no shock – to help him understand that he cannot bark and bite others or the TV.

Yes, he tried to attack the TV!

Why My Pet Is My Hero

It has been a long few months since Charlie came here to live – but he js learning fast.

Seeing the remote for the collar is enough to get him to stop most of the time now.

We still use the muzzle when people come until he settles down, but he is adjusting to us having company.

He is leaning the words “no” and “it’s ok.”

However, he has done so much more.

He alerts me when people pull up in front of the house, so I know.

I do not hear well and often do not even hear the door.

This is no longer a problem thanks to Charlie.

When less-than-desirable people come to the door, they quickly leave as he scares them off!

We live in the country and I am home alone a lot, so this is good. I prefer dogs to guns.

He lets me know when new stray or unwanted cats are dropped off here – which happens a lot.

Just today 2 new cats were dropped off – and people do not come to the door to let me know.

He alerts me when the cats come to the door – because many are not friendly due to neglect or abuse. 

I can then immediately set some food outside for them and begin the process of taming them.

When I finally coax the cats or kittens indoors he watches over them and helps them to adjust letting them know they are not in danger here.

He keeps predator animals at bay.

He has helped me to heal from the untimely death of my previous husband – and the death of Precious Angel.

He has taught me to laugh, smile and feel love again.

He always wants to play or go for walks – so I have learned to be active again instead of just sitting in my chair in front of a computer.

I wonder if he knew the day he met me that I would be his new mommy.

I wonder if he knew how much I needed him in my life.

MyPetisMyHero because he loves me – and because I love him.

Chicken Soup For The Soul Pet Food

We Tried The Chicken Soup For The Soul Pet Food

Today I shared a sample of Chicken Soup for The Soul Pet Food with both Charlie and Kitten as we call her.

She is not real friendly yet, but she did come indoors and let me hold her for about 3 minutes before she wanted down and wanted back outside.

Both pets loved the food tearing into the bags right away.

I always share a little new food straight from the bag before I add it to their pet food dishes.

If you would like to know more about the Chicken Soup for The Soul Pet Food, click here for a Store Locator.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Pinterest.

Feel free to leave a comment below or share on social media using the hashtag #MyPetisMyHero and @ChickenSoupPets.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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