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Two Cute Ideas For Easter Theme Decorations

I absolutely love these two ideas for Easter theme decorations that my friends Nanette Jett Marden and Carol Spierdowis Dupre made and shared on Facebook.

Silk flowers, fake Easter eggs and repurposed decorations on an Easter holiday tree.

I requested permission to share their stories and their Easter tree ideas with all of you and it was granted, so here is hoping you feel inspired by these gorgeous Easter Tree decorations.


A primitive Easter tree decorated with handmade salt dough ornaments. In this photo you see a purple burlap streamer, a pink salt dough bunny rabbit head and a fake Easter egg.

Easter Tree Ideas

Not all Easter tree decorations start out completely from scratch as I learned from Carol Spierdowis Dupre, in fact her decorations – while handmade – were repurposed from wall hangings she had owned for several years!

“A couple years ago, my family and I started decorating a tree year-round for the different holidays. I, for the most part, get everything at the Dollar Tree store. My Easter tree was done up completely in decorations purchased from there. The larger decorations were a part of a few wall hangings. I cup them apart, and used dollar tree ribbon bought, to hot glue loops onto the back of them. The rest of the decorations are Easter garland, flower picks, and Easter Egg picks, just pushed into the tree. I love using flower picks as decorations. This store almost always has some holiday themed flower picks in stock,” Carol Spierdowis Dupre said.

Nanette Jett Marden – on the hand, makes her from scratch using a salt dough recipe she found online and using her mom’s cookie cutters.

I asked Nanette Jett Marden what made her always make salt dough ornaments and what was the inspiration behind her Easter decorating and this is what she said, “Well it reminds me of my mom. I always making cookies with her! She passed away two years ago and these are made with her cookie cutters!”

Her tree is a small repurposed artificial Christmas tree, similar to the one Carol Spierdowis Dupre decorates with her repurposed decorations.

Easter Theme Decorations

Brightly colored eggs, cute bunnies, chicks and newborn sheep often come to mind when you think about Easter theme decorations, but there are many other suitable choices.

Crosses, goat kids, the Easter lily or other spring flowers that bloom this time of year are all good choices.

A great idea for Easter theme decorations that is quite popular is Peter Rabbit.

There are plates, ornaments and decorations you can buy, but why not get creative like Carol Spierdowis Dupre did and repurpose older Peter Rabbit books or photos into a new decoration, especially if the older item is damaged.

Repurposing it is a great way to save the memory.

Cookie cutters are a popular kitchen item at Easter and the way Nanette Jett Marden uses them to create Easter theme decorations she saves from year to year is a wonderful idea, however don’t forget to use them to bake cookies or as a pattern for drawing paper ornaments or even making handmade greeting cards.

Speaking of greeting cards, don’t forget to repurpose them!

Fake Easter eggs and repurposed decorations on an Easter holiday tree.

Easter Tree Decorations

It’s possible to turn almost anything into Easter tree decorations as long as you can attach a stick to it or punch a hole in it – and as long as it fits on or under the tree you choose.

I love that both Carol Spierdowis Dupre and Nanette Jett Marden chose fake Easter eggs for their trees, but here is an idea, blow the centers out of real eggs and decorate them!

It is possible to keep these eggs from year to year.

Check out this blown egg tutorial from Our Best Bites for more details.

A primitive Easter tree decorated with handmade salt dough ornaments, fake Easter eggs and colored burlap.

Easter Tree Ornaments

Regardless of the type of Easter tree ornaments you choose for your Easter tree decorations, the important part is to make sure you are happy with the end result.

Easter tree ornaments do not need to be brand new and I believe the best ideas for Easter decorations are ones that remind you of loved ones.

I hope these ideas for Easter tree ideas have inspired you to make your own – or maybe even start decorating your first Easter holiday tree.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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