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HomeServe Repair Plans Are A Must For Emergency Home Electrical Repair

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Disclaimer: The work done on our electrical system by Knee’s Electrical Service was completely free thanks to the HomeServe USA Repair Plan we paid for each month on our electric bill. I was not asked to write this article or share this information, but chose to because I believe every homeowner should be aware there are options to help with expensive home repairs.

Home electrical repair is expensive, but thanks to the HomeServe USA Repair Plan we purchased through American Electrical Power (AEP), we did not have to worry when trouble hit home.

The old meter box laying in the grass.

How It All Began

When we bought the house in 2004, there was a 100 Amp box hooked to a fuse box and all of that was tied into the electric meter outdoors.

We knew the electrical wiring and the fuse box needed upgraded so Jerry began putting in all new wiring, new boxes and a new 200 AMP circut breaker box.

When it came time to tie that new circut breaker box into the electrical box on the side of the house, we had an electrician come do the job.

It was a really cold winter day and he did not take the time to unhook the fuse box, just the 100 Amp circuit box.

Then he wired in the 200 Amp circut box right along with the fuse box.

Neither one of us knew this was a serious problem – and so the years passed.

How We Discovered The Problem

With the amount of online work I do, I needed a new computer and Jeffrey wanted a flat screen TV.

As time passed we were able to afford cable, however my internet started acting up.

I called Spectrum to come out and fix the problem – however the problem was on our end, not theirs.

The man who came to do the work was shocked, not only by my new computer but also by the new TV.

He said we had an electrical problem and he could not restore service until it was corrected.

I was beyond upset.

It was late evening and there was no one to contact until morning.

The old meter box and wiring still attached to the outside of the house.

The Phone Call To AEP

The next morning I called the electric company and told them what the cable company said.

They immediately dispatched a worker to my home to see what was going on because while there are many homes repair projects you can do yourself, this type of home repair was not something either of us felt comfortable doing ourselves.

The first thing he saw was that the copper rod that served as the grounding post was broken below ground.

Then he noticed the outside wiring peeling.

He agreed we had a serious problem and asked if I had the HomeServe USA Plan.

I said yes and he said to call AEP to get someone out here to see what needed to be done.

The old wiring that was on the outside of the house laying on the grass.

Relief Was In Sight

I called AEP and they transferred me to HomeServe USA who looked up my account.

HomeServe USA contacted Knee’s Electrical Service and they sent someone out here very quickly to see what needed done.

An estimate was written up, Knee’s Electrical Service submitted it to HomeServe USA and the next phone call I received – in less than a week – was the appointment being sceduled to make the repairs.

When it was all said and done, a new meter box was put on the outside of the house and the old one was removed.

New wiring was put on the outside of the house and the old wiring removed.

Inside the home, the old fuse box was disconnected and removed.

The new 200 Amp circuit breaker box was wired in right because little did we know the old electrician only hooked up 100 Amp service to it and the cover was put on.

All the loose wires were tightened up

Oh – and that broken ground rod was replaced!

Final Out Of Pocket Cost

The final out of pocket cost was zero.

Not only did the HomeServe USA Plan we had cover the cost of all the work, but Knee’s Electrical Service completed the work within a day.

They even managed to get the county inspector out here by the end of the day so service was restored.

I am very grateful I chose to pay for the plan and I am very grateful for all the hard work the people at both HomeServe USA and Knee’s Electrical Service did.

This plan is one of the best investments I have ever made and I cannot recommend it enough.

Without this plan, this work would not have been completed because coming up with the amount of money required to do it was just not in our budget.

Isn’t it time to take some of the worry out of homeownership and get a HomeServe USA plan so you are covered – just in case?

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The top photo is the old meter box laying in the grass. The bottom photo is the new meter box and the new wiring on the outside of the house.



Sharing is caring!

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Sara Adams

Thursday 14th of November 2019

Such an amazing article related to home electrical repair its very helpful for me.thanks for sharing with us.

Sheri Ann Richerson

Thursday 14th of November 2019

Thank you so much! I am glad it was helpful to you! I still use HomeServe and I still love them!

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