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New Trends In Remodeling And Renovation

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Are you are considering making changes to your home, office, or commercial kitchen in the coming months?

There are some new methods and materials  that can give you a wider range of choices in the same price range plus there are greener options.

Here are some newer remodeling and renovation options.

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Greener Material Options

There are some companies that take scraps of very large jobs and create countertops from them without having to go back out to the quarry to get more stone or to the factory for more cultured stone. When you use their remodeling services, you end up being able to choose materials and processes that are greener than the ones that you would normally use. The expected life of these materials is the same as getting materials custom-made.

Mount-on Countertops Are Trending

Although it is a fairly new concept, adding granite or stone countertops to the top of an existing counter is one way to save time and money when you remodel your kitchen. The reason you save time is that the structure to build on is already there, the installers merely need to lay the material down and ensure that it is affixed to the existing countertop. Surprisingly enough, there is a large range of choices for those that are interested in mount-on countertops.

Cabinet Refacing

The decision to replace your cabinets is often an easy one. You don’t like the color of the wood or you decided that the style or the functionality do not meet your needs. So you start looking at cabinets that are custom made and quickly realize this option takes a hefty chunk of your remodeling budget. One answer is to take a look at refacing kitchen cabinets Ottawa. If you like the functionality of the cabinets that you have, it makes more sense to take the doors and front facing wood off your cabinets in order to upgrade. There are a wide range of colors and styles that will have your kitchen looking brand new without having to reconfigure the complete style. Another nice thing about cabinet refacing is that it can take less time for the installers to finish upgrading your kitchen cabinets.

Small Islands

In the past, you needed an industrial-sized kitchen in order for you to have the space necessary for you to create an island that would be socially acceptable. Most islands end up being very well used and very large. Some remodeling contractors have noticed that the concept of an island as a social gathering point means that you do not have to have a large space in order to add an island to your kitchen. You can add an island that takes up a counter space of as small as 2 feet by 2 feet and have it be a key addition to a home that hosts parties.

In fact, if you take a look at adding cabinets that are open, you can place two cabinets back to back as a base and add a granite countertop that is the perfect size to hold your guests drinks as they chat. Islands also make a good buffet station. When you get cabinets for a small island, it is recommended that you look at custom cabinets. In many cities like Toronto, cabinet makers that make custom cabinets sometimes have their orders canceled. The problem for them is that when an order is canceled, they cannot always easily resell a custom kitchen that they just produced. So they heavily discount cabinets. For the right buyer on the right day, you can end up with some beautiful cabinets at a 70 percent discount.

Deciding to remodel your kitchen is something that will add value to your home or business. Taking advantage of some of the latest home improvement remodeling and renovation trends can help you enjoy the finished product even more.

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Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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