Easy Handmade Cards For Halloween

A completed easy handmade card for Halloween.
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This is a step card and the design template I made does include the card and the images all pre-sized and ready for you to cut and assemble. The only thing I did not create was an envelope.




  1.  Click here for the design template.
  2. Connect your device using Design Space to the Cricut Maker using the USB plug on the side of the Cricut Maker.
  3. Cut the card and images, switching out the colors of the paper as needed.
  4. Once all the pieces of the design are cut out, use crafter’s double sided tape to put the pieces together with the exception of the smaller pieces such as the witch trio. For those it is best to use a dual tip glue pen.
  5. Allow the glue to dry throughly.
  6. Now the card is ready to sign, place in a pre-made envelope and give it to someone.


Note: I chose to use 12 x 12 sheets of paper for this project, but if you change the paper size on the mat, you can use smaller sheets of paper.

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