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Tips For Shopping Online For Survival Gear

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By following these simple tips for shopping online for survival gear way before you actually need it, you will be ready in the event an emergency or disaster situation occurs.

Instead of being like many people who rush out at the last minute in a panic and buy up everything they can get their hands on, you can focus on what is important, which is keeping you and your family safe.

Plus you will save money by shopping ahead and be able to choose exactly what you want instead of what is left over.

Shopping online certainly has advantages, such as a larger selection, great deals and of course, privacy.

Your neighbors are going to see delivery drivers bringing packages to your door, but they won’t know what is inside the boxes and certainly no one at your local big box store will know exactly what you bought.

Shopping online allows you to keep your stocking up as hush hush as you wish to.

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Why Shopping Online For Survival Gear Is Important

When an emergency strikes, people almost always panic – especially when it comes to natural disasters.

The best way to prevent panic is to plan ahead.

There is no time like right now to get the items you need in order for your family to survive whatever may come whether it is a natural disaster or a man made crisis.

Getting all the necessary supplies together is easy, but there is a right way to start shopping online for the survival gear that you and your family are sure to need.

Below are some great tips for shopping online for survival gear.

Legacy Emergency Food

Find The Best Prices By Shopping Online For Survival Gear

The easiest way to find the best quality gear at the best possible prices is to comparison shop online and remember to also look at Groupon Coupons to see if there are deals available for the places you want to shop.

Many places offer free shipping and a have better selection of gear than local stores, even if they are an actual survival supply store.

This includes hard to find items such as survival gear for babies and toddlers.

Many online shopping sites have pages and pages of survival gear that you can easily scroll through to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Whether it is food, shelter or protection, you can search for what you need and then compare the pricing and durability.

Some sites even have charts already set up for you that give the pros and cons of similar items.

Survival gear

Find Everything You Need By Shopping Online For Survival Gear

The best part is you are able to check out everything about the item by doing a little research.

Even if the site you choose to purchase your survival supplies from has all the pertinent information readily available, I still encourage you to do your own research.

Another real advantage of shopping online is it is easier to shop for survival gear because everything on your list is available often at one place so you can easily make a large order if that is what you want to do.

This is helpful because you do not have to worry about this item coming from here and that item coming from someplace else.

The first step though is to create a master list of what you need and what you think you might want.

For example, a water filter is a necessity, however a top of the line water filter is not.

So you can start with a cheaper water filter that is good enough to get the job done right, get the other essential supplies and later on, once you have the bare necessities, begin to work on acquiring the higher priced items.

If you are a prepping on a budget, many online stores have a way that their customers can put the item on a to-buy-later or a wish list.

In fact, some sites even have a lay-a-way program.

An online list will help keep you organized as long as you remember to remove the items you have already purchased.

In the event the place you choose to do your shopping online at does not offer this, use the notepad on your cell phone to make two lists – one list for what you want and one list for what you already have.

This way you don’t accidentally misplace a piece of paper or decide to order online when you are not at home and end up buying something you already have.

Someone buying an item online.

Shopping Online For Survival Gear Means You Get To Read The Reviews And Talk To Other Preppers

One of the great things about shopping online for survival gear is that you are able to gain valuable insight from people who are also planning for their family’s emergency survival.

When a product is purchased, many sites allow customers to rate that item and leave feedback.

The higher the star rating, the higher the customer satisfaction.

When you shop online, you get to see all the specifics about the item – but one of the best reasons to look online for your gear is that you can read the reviews, both good and bad.

These reviews can actually help guide you to the best product if the one being reviewed falls short because reviewers will share what the best product is.

People will tell you what they like and what they don’t like about the item you are thinking of buying and you will also see reviews to see if the item was as durable as the manufacturer said it was.

This can help prevent you from wasting your hard-earned money on products that are more hype than quality.

However, I suggest you start reading the 1 star reviews and work your way up.

Also be aware that some companies employ reviewers who are just not honest.

They pay them to write a 5 star review and to not state that they were paid or that they got the product for free.

So, don’t just rely on the reviews on one site alone.

Take some time to search on various sites and even YouTube to see if there is a video showing the product being used.

Ask other preppers on social media what their thoughts are.

Relying on your online community is the best way to know you are buying the best possible product when shopping online for survival gear.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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