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Pauls Premium Happy Fingers Review + Giveaway

Disclaimer: I received this item for free or at a reduced price in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

I don’t know about you but I am a disaster in the kitchen when it comes to using knives. I cut myself – no matter how careful I am. When I heard about Pauls Premium Happy Fingers I really wanted to try them – and I got lucky enough to do just that. First let me say – no pun intended – they really do fit like a glove. They fit absolutely perfectly in fact. I am super thrilled with how well they fit. What I am more thrilled with however is they really do protect your fingers from cuts.

I decided to chop up a lemon on a cutting board with a large knife as I normally would to prepare it for my fruit infusion bottle. I wore the Pauls Premium Happy Fingers Gloves. I felt the knife lightly slice across the gloves several times – but instead of ending up with cuts, my fingers remained safe. I checked the glove as well to find out if the knife had sliced them. Not a cut. The Happy Fingers Gloves were intact. That told me they were a quality product just as I had suspected when I first saw them. The important thing to note here is the gloves are cut-resistant not cut-proof – so do not deliberately see if you can cut your fingers with these gloves on. You might just be successful. The advantage is when you make a little slice across your fingers or hands like I did, the gloves are more likely to prevent injury than if your hands were bare.

I really like the grey color of these gloves too. They are nice and neutral so men will feel as comfortable in them as women. The other reason I like the color is because food stains are going to show up easily so you can wash them instead of having the stain set permanently. The gloves are made of high quality food grade vinyl. They are 100% latex free and there are no chemical smells. They can be washed up to 40 times without losing strength. Another feature is they are antimicrobial features which kill microbes instantly – a really important feature when you are working with food. They are also breathable so your hands are not going to sweat when they are on.

I am happy with the Pauls Premium Happy Fingers gloves. They give me just the right amount of protection to solve a problem I was having. No more cut fingers for me. I will be wearing my Happy Fingers gloves whenever I am working with knives in the kitchen.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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