Living A Green Life – What Does It Mean?

By Sheri Ann Richerson

January 04, 2018

Recently, you may have been hearing a lot of buzzwords such as “green” or “sustainable” living, but what does living a green life really mean?

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Sustainable Living Or Green Living – Which Is Better?

Sustainable living and green living are interchangeable concepts, which both mean living a lifestyle that does not harm the environment but encourages its health and stability.

For the last few hundred years, mankind has been living unsustainably, simply meaning that we are using the earth’s resources faster than the earth can produce them, and many of these resources won’t come back once they’ve been used up.

Due to this, we are creating a world where nature is being thrown sharply out of balance.

This means disaster for the entire planet.

Fortunately, we can turn things around by changing our habits.

One of which is changing our lifestyle from one of constant consumption to one that is more conscientious about the safety and health of the environment.

Sustainable Living: A Definition

Sustainable living refers a lifestyle that strives to reduce one’s carbon footprint.

This simply means living in such a way that preserves instead of consumes the earth’s natural resources, as well as preserves their own personal resources.

The point of sustainable living is breaking the cycle of overconsumption seen throughout the world – and this is why is it sometimes referred to as a green lifestyle.

So many people consume whatever they want until nothing is left.

They should be learning to conserve their resources in order to make them last longer as well as share them with others including future generations.

There Are Some Extremes

Sometimes individuals who take things a little far – and this is what many people think green living requires because they hear about it or read about it in the news.

Some examples of going too extreme include urinating in a jar to preserve water in the toilet, reducing showers to once or twice a month, or shutting off the power despite the needs of the house or family without having solar or wind backup to generate electricity.

While this may work for some individuals, for most, it can make life unnecessarily difficult.

With this in mind, it is important to remember that moderation is a good rule of thumb.

Living sustainably can be done by making small changes to your everyday life that will benefit the environment and perhaps change your lifestyle for the better.

How To Get Into The Green Living Mindset

One of the best ways to get into a mindset of living sustainably is to remember that nothing is set in stone.

We often use things quickly without regard to preservation because we know we can always get more.

If we run out of crackers, we can run to the store and get more.

If we are running low on lotion, there is a market just down the street.

Need food?

There are plenty of restaurants all over.

While this is technically true, it does not mean that these things will always be there.

Things can change, and problems can arise, making it important to prepare for the unforeseen by living smart.

Preserve food, don’t overuse water and power, and consume in moderation.

It is the best way to live for both you and the environment.

Great Ways To Live A Green Life

Try these simple lifestyle changes to integrate “green” living habits into your everyday routine.

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