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How to Choose The BBQ Grill That Is Right for You

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Disclaimer: I received the Yumms BBQ Mat for free or at a reduced price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

No matter what kind of food you want to barbeque, there is a barbecue grill out there that is perfect for your needs and budget but while you are concentrating on the grill itself be sure to pick up some Yumms BBQ Mats. Now I have tried a lot of brands of grill mats . Let’s face it, who wants to spend their time cleaning their grill instead of enjoying it? Yumms BBQ Grill Mats are the best there is as far as I am concerned and I will tell you why I believe this in just a little while.

When it comes to outdoor entertaining, or just enjoying a hot summer’s day, the barbeque is an important part of the whole experience. Whether you’re looking for portable and disposable models, or a stainless steal, state-of-the-art appliance with all of the latest gadgets, there is plenty of styles and colors to choose from. Remember, it isn’t just your cooking skills that will dictate the success of your barbequed meals, but also choosing the proper barbecue grill and grill mats to cater to your outdoor cooking needs. After all, little is more wasteful than paying good money for added features that you’ll never use, or having to try to make dinner for fifteen people on a grill that is just too small. Therefore, before heading out to the barbeque store, or even before shopping online, you will need to consider the different elements that should dictate your final BBQ grill purchase decision.

Among the most important factors to remember are:

a. How much you want to spend
b. How many people you’ll be cooking for
c. How much space you have outdoors for a BBQ grill
d. How – and if – you’ll be storing your BBQ grill in the winter

Once you have these answers figured out, you’ll be able to start thinking about the different types of grill that are available to choose from.

If you’ll only be cooking occasionally, and on a smaller scale, disposable barbecue grills made of foil trays with their own charcoal and lighter paper may be exactly what you’re looking for. These are very simple to light, and will burn well for enough time to cook any reasonable meal. These are ideal for cooking in small spaces, or cooking on a picnic table where fires are permitted, but should not be your selection if you are looking into serious outdoor cookery.

Charcoal and gas barbeques come in many different shapes and sizes and are frequently collapsible for easy storage. Some are on casters, and while others require around 5 feet of patio space, others need less than half of that. Though some have side burners, rotisseries, griddles, hot plates, and other food warming gadgets, it’s important to consider the basics first and build from there.

First, check out the cooking space. Will the space be large enough to handle what you’ll be cooking? Next, have a look at the size of the entire barbeque. Remember that you’ll need to have enough room for it, for yourself to work around it, as well as tables for holding your accessories, marinades, sauces, uncooked food, and naturally, for the people who will be eating your masterpieces. Remember that you’ll also need enough space in your garage or shed to store the barbecue grill and accessories during the winter.

Your barbeque grill should be tough enough to handle the outdoor weather elements, as well as the wear and tear that you’ll inflict upon it. This means sturdy construction, metal work, and corrosion resistant paint and fittings. A cover is often very beneficial to keep out rain, so you might consider that a good investment.

Lastly, have a look at the ease of lighting, cleaning, and charcoal removal. To help with ease of cleaning, I recommend the Yumms BBQ Grill Mats. They are tough. While trying it out for the first time, we had a bit of an accident – and I thought for sure the Yumms grill mats were toast – quite literally. We were BBQ’ing pork ribs. They were still slightly frozen but my husband was getting in a hurry so he put the grill mat on the grill thinking the flames from the coals were gone. He then put the ribs on the grill mats, put the lid on the grill and walked away. When we went back to check on the food we noticed a huge pile of liquid in the center of the Yumms BBQ Grill Mats and the ribs were getting slightly too dark on the bottom. I told him to remove the ribs and let them thaw a bit more before we ended up with food cooked on the outside and not the inside. I got him a plate and he removed the ribs. What happened next almost cost us our home. As I was walking away with the ribs he decided to remove the Yumms Grill Mat from the grill grate because it now had a large flame burning on top of it. When he picked up the mat using tongs, the flames leapt into the air right towards the house. I had put the grill on the deck for connivence and there was wood all around that the flames were licking. I turned around and told him to get the lid on the grill quickly which he did. Once we knew the flames had died down we lifted the lid to see the grill mats in a folded up mess. I about cried. He picked the grill mat up using tongs – and this time there was no flame. He carefully used his silicone gloved hands to separate the grill mat where it had folded over on itself. He then brought the yumms bbq mat indoors and put it in the kitchen sink. He washed it with warm soap and water, then laid it flat to dry. There are a few rough spots and one area where it started to unravel at the edge but otherwise it is still useable. All of the burned on mess came off easily – and I am super happy with these mats.

For those who don’t believe or want to see with their own eyes, here is a video for you.

After that, all you need to consider is the color and overall appearance of the barbeque, and how it will compliment your home and outdoor living area.

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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