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Experimental Homesteader

How To Make Wine Salt

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Wine salt allows you to easily add the flavor of wine to any meal without the alcohol or the smell of alcohol that comes about when you cook with it. Now you will smell alcohol when you make the wine salt but as you cook it down the alcohol itself evaporates leaving you with pure flavor. I used a homemade wine I had made myself to create my wine salt. I made the wine back in 2010 using the juice of grapes I grew here on the farm. I bottled the wine, gave some away and put the rest in the wine cooler. It was way too strong for me to even think about drinking but it sure did taste good in food. The people I gave the wine to loved it. They were used to drinking wine. I have no idea how high the alcohol content was as I did not have a way to measure that and this was my first time making wine. I have not made any wine since but given how great this wine salt turned out, I am thinking of making some herbal wines in the near future and turning them into an herbal wine salt.




1 1/2 cup sea salt (affiliate link)

1 bottle wine


1. Gather your ingredients and pour the entire bottle of wine into a stainless steel pan. You can use homemade wine like I did or use store bought. The important thing is to choose a wine that tastes good.


2. Bring the wine to a boil and then turn the heat down to simmer and let the wine cook down.

3. Stir the wine from time to time to make sure it is not burning. When it looks like thick maple syrup or honey (affiliate link), remove the pan from the heat.


4. Rotate the pan so the wine syrup is spread out on the bottom of the pan.

5. Pour the salt on top of the wine syrup and stir it well so the salt absorbs all the wine syrup.

6. Spread the wine salt on a dehydrator (affiliate link) tray or cookie sheet in a single layer. Do not pile the salt up.

7. Turn the dehydrator (affiliate link) or oven to the lowest possible setting and dry the wine salt.

8. Once the salt is dry, place it in a glass jar. I use a wide mouth pint size canning jar with a plastic screw on lid.

9. Store the container of wine salt in a cool, dark, dry location.

I really like using wine salt, but I do tend to cook with alcohol a lot. I feel it is just easier to use and I don’t have to open an entire bottle of wine that will sit in my fridge forever. You could do this with smaller amounts of leftover wine just be sure to adjust the amount of salt you use. Remember you don’t have to worry if your kids eat some of this salt right out of the jar as the alcohol is already gone.

Sharing is caring!

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