How To Start Freezing  Goat Milk

 Freezing goat milk is great way to preserve your excess goat milk so you have it available to drink or use when your goats are not in milk. 

Here at Exotic Gardening Farms & Wildlife Habitat, we have three dairy goats, Spice, Sugar and Darla. We bought them when they were already “in milk”.

We milked until late August, then decided to dry them up due to a lack of time to milk them.

The following year in late spring and early summer our goats kidded giving us baby goats and plenty of goat milk!

So, I decided to figure out if there was a way to freeze the excess goat milk without it taking on a “goaty” taste.

I am happy to say my experiment succeeded and freezing goat milk is now something I do with all my excess goat milk.

The techniques and information in this article pertain to both raw goat milk and pasteurized goat milk, as well as other types of milk including cow and sheep.

Here are some tips for freezing milk.

Canning jars are the best containers for freezing milk There are some basic rules you must follow if you want to keep it tasting just as fresh as it would straight from the goat.

Goat milk normally lasts a week in the fridge when it is fresh. It takes three to four days to thaw frozen goat milk in the fridge and it does not seem to last much longer three to four days after it is thawed.

As long as the goat milk is properly frozen and does not thaw, it will last in the freezer for six months.

Check out these tips on how to properly thaw frozen milk plus what to do if the milk separates!

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