Canning Broccoli Is No Longer Safe But You Can Still Preserve It

Canning broccoli straight from your own garden is an easy way to have a nutritious and delicious snack, or a hearty side dish that can be served year-round. However new data has shown that canning broccoli is no longer safe thus it is important to find new ways to preserve this delicious vegegtable.

The newer Ball Blue Books all suggest freezing broccoli.

Be sure the broccoli is washed well before you begin and that it is fresh broccoli from your own garden for best results.

With just a little bit of time and effort, you can create something that will save you money and provide the perfect side dish for many meals in the months ahead.

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Canning is economical, cuts food waste and ensures fresh ingredients all year round. What are you canning today?

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