Cast Iron Ribeye Steak Meal With Green Sauce

If you are looking for a delicious ribeye steak meal, made in a  cast iron skillet, give this one with green sauce a try!

Add some roasted fingerling potatoes as a side dish and you have an easy meal your whole family is sure to love.

While some green sauces are made with ingredients that are coarsely chopped, this particular green sauce is blended until smooth.

The total cook time for this recipe will vary depending on a number of factors, including the internal starting temperature and thickness of the steaks.

As a rule of thumb, remove the steaks from heat when they are approximately 5 degrees below the desired final temperature.

Click for this delicious cast iron ribeye steak meal with green sauce.

This cast iron ribeye steak meal also pairs well with spinach, which can be cooked for 3 minutes before serving or simply serve a salad. Click for the spinach recipe!

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