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What Goes into your emergency evacuation bag


Have you ever wondered what goes into an emergency evacuation bag or as it is sometimes called, a bug out bag?

There are some essentials like food, water, a fire source, a first aid kit, a means of protection and a shelter that you simply can’t live without.

A bug out bag or as it is sometimes called, an evacuation bag,  is just a bag filled with emergency supplies that you can grab and go on your way in the event of a disaster.

It needs to contain items that will help sustain you for 3-5 days if necessary.

To make an evacuation bag,  simply put your emergency supplies, medicines and clothing into a heavy duty backpack or sturdy nylon bag.

It makes more sense to take along something to collect water  in and purify it instead of trying to pack bottled water, especially if you have to escape on foot.

In any emergency, being prepared is as important as being safe.

In the event of a natural disaster, there may be no power or access to running water or food.

By having your emergency evacuation bag packed and ready to go, you save time plus eliminate the possibility that you are going to forget something important.

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