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evacuation bag weight  recommendations


Making an emergency evacuation bag is an important part of preparing for emergencies.

In this post I share some tips on how to properly pack and figure out what a emergency evacuation bag should weigh.

While more is typically better – and you might think like this – the heavier the bag, the slower you are going to move when carrying it.

The final weight of the bag should equal around ten percent of your body weight.

Its intended purpose is to help you survive for 72 hours – not weeks or months.

Carry a means of shelter with you if you don’t have the survival skills to build something in the woods. Take a first aid kit, flashlights , fire starter method, and a camping pot.

When packing your bug out bag, you want the bulk of the weight at your shoulders to avoid strain on your lower back.

Keep in mind every member of your family including your dog should have their own evacuation bag filled with supplies they need – and this is especially important in the event that you become separated.

Knowing you have packed the best evacuation preparation bag you possibly can will give you peace of mind and allow you to save time in an emergency situation.

Understanding how to prepare for civil unrest is extremely important. Escaping riots and violent demonstrations safely is one of the main reasons to prepare for civil unrest.

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