Are you ready to start becoming a surviValist


The prepper lifestyle is good for preparing for the future, plus it is a great way to live a less stressful life.

Even those of us who choose to continue to work and not be completely off-grid can have a better life that is less stressful.

Being a prepper is not about pulling yourself away from society and living like a hermit it is living life in a way that allows you to be prepared for short or long term disasters or other unexpected situations so you don’t need to rely on others.

While the prepper lifestyle is great, it is not for everyone and it does take some planning and work.

If you know that you’re ready to walk away from being dependent on others for your needs, then by all means I encourage you to start living the prepper lifestyle.

Go ahead, talk to your family and make a commitment. Being totally self-sufficient is a huge life change but it is freeing in so many ways when you let go of your dependency on society.

If you’re in a relationship and your partner is dead-set against it, hates it, wants no part of it, you’re not ready if you don’t want to risk ruining the relationship – and take it from someone who knows, the pepper lifestyle can tear a relationship apart if you both are not on the same page.

If you have an unwillingness to learn how to prepare for the future or have no interest in sustainable living, then you’re not ready for the prepper lifestyle.

Isn’t now the time to get over the “I’m not ready” attitude and replace it with the “it’s time to prepare, just in case” attitude?

Understanding how to prepare for civil unrest is extremely important. Escaping riots and violent demonstrations safely is one of the main reasons to prepare for civil unrest.

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Taking survival preparedness seriously is so important because anything from a man-made catastrophe to a natural disaster can quickly change our lives.

The Importance Of Taking Survival Preparedness Seriously

Time to Prep

Prepping for survival on a tight budget is possible. Find out what you should buy each week to stock up plus find other tips for prepping on a budget.

Find out where to start your survival grocery list. The first month lays the ground work for basic survival needs and your emergency survival food list.

There seems to be a new health disaster every year! Find out what 4 questions to ask during a health diaster to keep your family safe.

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Follow these nine quick pointers to help reduce your risk of infectious diseases, including those that are on their way to becoming a pandemic.

Create a survival pantry so you can avoid panic buying and feel secure knowing your family has the essentials no matter what emergency situation occurs.

Survival  Pantry

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An important part of survival prepping is being ready for any situation - long or short-term. Start prepping today by creating your own short-term emergency disaster survival kit!

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