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Artisan Bread Making Tips For The Beginner

Sheri Ann Richerson

These 12 tips came from our #homesteadchat Artisan Bread Making Tips For The Beginner. If you're ready to bake bread and want to create an artisan loaf, you're in the right place!

Let’s get started!

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Tip # 1 Homemade bread is so much tastier than store bought – and better for you too, especially if you use a flour grinding mill to grind your own grain.

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6 Fast Rules For Making Bread

01 Use fresh ingredients - especially yeast

02 Storage: dry is nice

03 Use the right flour

04 Temperature and yeast

05 To knead or not to knead

06 Prescribed rising times

Yeast Package
Flour Bag
Flour Bowl
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Tip #2

Making artisan bread is just as easy as adding hemp hearts, flax seed, poppy seed, seasame seeds to the top of the crust!

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Tip #3

Use a variety of different flours – amaranth, wheat, whole wheat, spelt, coconut  flour, bran – mix and match.

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Tip #4

Use whole flax seeds on the bottom of your bread pan in place of oil. 

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Tip #5

Making bread is so simple – here is another tip – combine ingredients in a bread machine – let it do the kneading.

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Tip #6

Also give the bread plenty of time to rise. I use a heat mat under the pan and let it rise until it’s 2 to 4 inches above pan.

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Tip #7

When the bread comes out of the oven, spread a generous amount of real butter over the top of the loaf.

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Tips #8 through #12

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