Paper Wreath Valentine Handmade Gift Idea

A completed paper wreath for Valentines Day!
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A hand using a pencil to trace around a plastic lid laying on a piece of cardboard.

  1. Draw a circle using a medium to large-sized object on a piece of cereal box.  You should have an inner circle that is smaller and an outer circle that is bigger.  The width of the wreath base should be at least 6 to 8 centimeters thick.  The size of this wreath base would be based on your own preference. Using scissors to cut out the circles that were drawn on the cardboard.
  2. Cut the wreath base from the cereal box. This photo shows the cutting out of multiple colored heart shapes.
  3. Cut random color and size of the heart from the sponge papers.  Create as many hearts as possible since this will cover the wreath base of this project. This photo shows the heart shapes being glued onto the cardboard base.
  4. Randomly glue the hearts on the wreath base.  The hearts can overlap to each other and the sizes can be placed anywhere you want just as long as the orientation of hearts are unidirectional to each other, meaning all of them should be in an upright position. This photo shows the heart shapes being glued onto the wreath base using a hot glue gun.
  5. Continuously place and glue the hearts on the wreath base until the whole body is covered with the hearts. This photo shows the ribbon being cut to length.
  6. Cut at least 6 to 10 centimeters long floral ribbonThis photo shows the ends of the bow being glued together using a hot glue gun.
  7. Glue the ends of the floral ribbon together using hot glueThis picture shows the tail of the ribbon being cut.
  8. Cut another floral ribbon strip of at least 5 to 7 centimeters long and a small strip which is at least 1 to 1.5 centimeters long.  The long strip would be used as the tail of the bow and the short strip is the binding strip of the bow in the middle. This picture shows the center of the ribbon being pinched together to create the bow.
  9. Pinch the center of the joint ends ribbon in the center to form a bow. This photo shows the tail of the ribbon being added and trimmed.
  10. Wrap the center of the pinched ribbon with the short strip of ribbon and insert the long strip of floral ribbon on the bottom part of the bow to create a full-blown bow.  Make diagonal cuts at the ends of the bow’s tail. This photo shows the ribbon being attached to the wreath.
  11. Place the floral bow at the bottom part of the wreath’s body.  Glue this to permanently fix it on the wreath.  This photo shows the thread used to hang the wreath being attached to the back of the wreath.
  12. Cut at least 4 centimeters long golden metallic thread and glue this at the topmost part of the wreath at the back. This is a photo of the completed wreath.
  13. Once all the hot glue is dry, the wreath is done.  You can now hang your colorful heart wreath on a wall, on a door or give it as a gift.
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