Make Your Own Chocolate Flavored Salt

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1. Begin by choosing a dark chocolate candy bar. The higher the percentage of chocolate, the better. The chocolate bar I chose had strawberries and pepper in it. It is ok to choose one that has other ingredients if you like.


2. Grind the candy bar into a powder. You will find it gets sticky so add a little sea salt to the grinder to dry the chocolate up and help it remain powdered.


3. Next measure out the black sea salt. I chose a flake sea salt but you can choose whatever kind you want. Black sea salt is typically smoked and I was going for smoky flavor with my chocolate salt. If you don’t want this you can use whatever kind of sea salt you prefer.


4. Place the rest of the sea salt, the cocoa powder and the ground up candy bar into a blender. The order of the ingredients is not important. I have four ingredients here but you may have just 3 if you opt out of using the black sea salt.

5. Pulse the blender. All you want to do is mix these dry ingredients. It is just easier to do it in a blender for me than to do it by hand.

6. Pour the salt onto a dehydrator tray or cookie sheet. Make sure it is spread out in a thin layer and not piled up.

7. Set the oven or dehydrator to the lowest setting and dry the salt. The time it takes to do this is going to depend on your environmental conditions.

8. Once the chocolate salt is dry, put it into a glass jar. I like using the wide mouth pint canning jars with a plastic screw on lid.

9. Label the jar with the name of the salt and the date.

10. Place the jar in a cool, dark, dry place.

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