Italian Herb Gorgonzola Leaf Bites Tutorial

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These Italian Herb Gorgonzola Leaf Bites appetizers using Litehouse Italian Herbs and Gorgonzola Cheese are elegant, easy to make ahead of time and taste great!





  1. Place the 4 ounces of Simply Artisan Reserve™ Gorgonzola Cheese Crumbles – broken up and Litehouse Tuscan Herb with Lemon Dressing and Marinade in a food processor and pulse until smooth and well mixed.
  2. Remove the mixture from the food processor a little bit at a time. The exact amount is dependent on the size of the Italian Herb Gorgonzola Leaf Bites you want to make. I choose to remove just enough each time to roll into a small ball and use my cookie cutter on.Cutting the Italian Herb Gorgonzola Leaf Bites with cookie cutters.
  3. Roll the cheese into a ball, then gently pat it down using your fingers. I put mine on a non-stick silicone mat so my cheese did not stick to the surface.
  4. Once the cheese is flattened to your liking, press the cookie cutter into it to shape. Sprinkling the herbs on the Italian Herb Gorgonzola Leaf Bites.
  5. Press the cheese into the fresh herbs – or sprinkle them on top, then gently press on them to push them into the cheese. Do this on both sides. Set the Italian Herb Gorgonzola Leaf Bites aside until you are done, then refrigerate them until it is time to serve them.
  6. An alternative method that I also tried was rolling the cheese balls in the herbs before I cut the shapes out. This worked equally well – so it is all about the finished presentation that you want to achieve.


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