Polymer Clay Christmas Ornaments

Polymer clay ornament hanging on a white Christmas tree.
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  1. Set the clay conditioning machine to the number 2.
  2. Squish up one bar (remember there are 4 bars in each packet) of the blue pearl clay and run it through the clay conditioning machine.
  3. Set the conditioned clay aside on a non-stick surface.
  4. Run one bar of the white translucent clay through the clay conditioning machine.
  5. Lay the white translucent clay on top of the blue pearl clay, then run them through the clay conditioning machine together.
  6. Once they come out of the machine, roll the combined clays into a jelly roll.
  7. Slice both ends off to make sure they are flush, then set the jelly roll aside.
  8. Repeat steps 2 through 5 until you have a total of 6 jelly rolls.
  9. Here are the color combinations I used:
    Jelly Roll 2 – white clay and translucent white clay
    Jelly Roll 3 – blue pearl, white clay and the white translucent clay – be sure to put the blue clay in the center
    Jelly Roll 4 – blue translucent clay and white translucent clay
    Jelly Roll 5 – blue pearl clay and white clay
    Jelly Roll 6 – I combined all the scraps of clay together to make this last jelly roll.
  10. Once you have all six jelly rolls done, squish them together making sure to use the white jelly roll for the center.
  11. Press the combined jelly rolls against the non-stick mat, slolwy forcing the large round mass of clay jelly rolls into a square shape. Press one side against the mat, making sure to press the ends into a square shape too.
  12. Once you have a square of clay, cut the square into four equal pieces.
  13. Then re-cut each square into four more pieces.
  14. Run each piece through the clay conditioning machine to flatten them, then lay them onto a glass Christmas ornament making sure to press the clay against the side of the glass.
  15. Continue adding clay until the entire ornament is covered making sure to press the new clay into the old clay so the seams are invisiable.
  16. Line a disposable foil pan with aluminium foil
  17. Once you are finished covering the ornaments with clay, put them in the disposable foil pan.
  18. Put a foil tent over the top of the pan and bake the ornaments according to the manufacturer instructions on the oven-bake clay that you chose.
  19. When they are finished baking, leave them set in the pan until they cool, then remove them and hang them on your tree.


Note: A clay cutting knife and a clay conditioning machine is needed for this project.

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