Easy DIY Cork Snowflake Ornaments Christmas Decor Idea

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  1. Cut each cork  into six equal sized pieces.
  2. Lay the corks out in a circle and hot glue (affiliate link) the sides together.
  3. Allow the hot glue (affiliate link) to dry.
  4. Place the snowflake (affiliate link) stickers (affiliate link) on the corks. If they do not adhere, use a very thin layer of hot glue (affiliate link) to secure them.
  5. Measure the twine to the length you want and cut it.
  6. Turn the snowflakes over so the backs are facing upward.
  7. Tie the twine together and place a section of it on the back of the cork.
  8. Use hot glue (affiliate link) to attach the twine to the cork.
  9. Allow the hot glue (affiliate link) to dry and then your snowflake (affiliate link) cork decoration is ready to hang!
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