Garlicky Black Bean Spaghetti Spoons With Deviled Eyes

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  1. Use the larger tube to cut the top of the egg in a circle for the iris. Remove the egg white plug. Paint the egg white plug with diluted food coloring to look like an iris. Let dry.
  2. Use the smaller tube to cut out a place for the pupil in the painted iris. Use the same tube to cut a pupil out of the black olive. Place the olive pupil into the iris.
  3. Cut off the bottom third of the egg so it will nestle in the spaghetti spoon. Reserve any hard-boiled egg yolks for spaghetti recipe.
  4. Scoop out a small amount of the egg yolk from the top of the egg to make room for mayonnaise. Squirt garlic mayonnaise into the hollow top of the hard-boiled egg, and then replace the iris plug.
  5. Paint food coloring bloodshot lines around the iris. Let dry.
  6. Finish by brushing a light coat of slightly thickened gelatin glaze over the entire eye to give an authentic glossy finish.
  7. In a medium bowl – combine olive oil with garlic, herbs, salt and chili flakes.
  8. Add spaghetti and toss.
  9. Sprinkle with grated egg yolk.
  10. Arrange spaghetti in decorative serving spoons.
  11. Place deviled eyes in center.


Special Equipment:

Two sharp thin tubes for cutting hard-boiled egg into (1) the size of an iris, and (2) into the size of a pupil.
Fine paintbrush to paint food coloring.
Pastry brush for brushing gelatin.

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