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Farm-To-Table Recipes

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Meet Sheri Ann, a passionate homesteader who loves cooking with homegrown ingredients.

Today, Sheri Ann will share her favorite grilled farm-to-table recipes: Grilled Herb Chicken and Corn With Fresh  Dill Weed

Gather your ingredients


This includes vegetables, fresh herbs, other seasonings and meat.

Prep the vegetables


Wash the produce you buy with soapy water, then soak it for 15 minutes in a sink of warm water with one cup white vinegar added to the water so that no unwanted residues remain on the vegetables.

Combine and season


Timing is the key when it comes to incorporating fresh herbs into your grilled dishes. Some items, like corn, you season first, some items, like meat, you season last.



Make sure the coals on the grill are hot and the grill is up to temperature before adding the food. There should be no flames.

Serve and enjoy!


Be sure to check the internal temperatures of the food before serving it.

Eating farm-to-table is a delight for the senses and nourishes the body.

Now is the perfect time to start your own homestead kitchen journey!

Stay tuned for more delicious farm-to-table recipes from my Homestead Kitchen.

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