Valentine Crafts Salt Dough Recipe

An evergreen tree decorated with heart shaped ornaments and red beads.




  1. Combine the flour (affiliate link), table salt and water (affiliate link) together to make the dough. If it is too sticky add a little more flour (affiliate link).
  2. Decide how many colors of salt dough you need and divide the dough up.
  3. Place the dough into separate non-food containers, put on plastic gloves to keep your hands clean and add the paint.
  4. Use your hands to mix the paint into the salt dough. Be sure the color is vibrant because it will fade. I suggest choosing a color two to three shades brighter than what you want.
  5. Shape the dough with your hands or use cookie cutters (affiliate link) to cut out shapes. Cookie cutters (affiliate link) give a more uniform appearance to the finished ornaments.
  6. Use an unsharpened pencil to make a round hole in the top of the ornaments to allow them to be hung once they are dry.
  7. Place the shaped dough onto a parchment lined cookie sheet.
  8. Preheat the oven to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
  9. Place the cookie sheet in the oven and turn it over every 30 minutes.
  10. Check the dough once an hour to see if it is dry. Typically the dough is dry in two hours.
  11. Once the dough is dry place it on a wire rack (affiliate link) to cool. It is ok to leave it on the wire rack (affiliate link) for a couple of days if you wish.
  12. Seal the front and back of the ornaments with Modge Podge. I suggest two to three layers of Modge Podge per ornament. For those who want to add pieces of paper, fabric or glitter (affiliate link), place it on the first layer of Modge Podge while it is still wet, then add the additional two layers of Modge Podge per the instructions above.
  13. Once the Modge Podge is dry, put a string or ribbon through the hole in top of the ornaments.
  14. They are now ready to hang on your Valentines Day Tree.


Storage Tip: Wrap each salt dough ornament individually and place them – neatly stacked – in a plastic box such as a plastic shoe box (affiliate link). Use plenty of packaging material and do not put any other types of ornaments in the same box. These ornaments are breakable.

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