Create a Cute 3D Pop-Up Tabletop Christmas Tree Card

The completed 3D pop-up tabletop Christmas tree card.
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The materials needed for the tabletop Christmas tree card.

  1. Before you begin, gather all materials you need to make this tabletop Christmas tree card.  The piece of cardboard being cut in half.
  2. Cut the cardboard into two equal parts.  Set one half aside.  The cardboard being folded to create a card.
  3. Fold the cardboard to create a card.  This serves as the body of the Christmas tree.  Christmas wrapping paper being cut into rectangles.
  4. Cut several rectangles from the unused wrapping paper.  Be sure to cut the rectangles from all three colors of wrapping paper for a better effect when the tree is finished.  Make sure that the rectangles are ascending in size and in proportion to the size of the card.  The Christmas wrapping paper being folded into a fan shape.
  5. Make a zigzag fold in a lengthwise orientation on the rectangles pieces.  The width of the fold would be based on your own preference. Continue folding the paper until each piece can no longer be folded.
  6. Once there is no more paper to fold, fold the folded up paper in half. Make sure the ends meet.  The folded wrapping paper being folded in half.
  7. Hot glue the middle part where the fold is to permanently seal the folded paper. This should resemble the look of a small paper fan.  This will serve as the layers of the Christmas tree.  The wrapping paper fans being glued onto the card.
  8. Hot glue one side of the fan-looking paper on the middle part of the cardboard where the fold is prominent.  Make sure that the smallest would be glued on the topmost portion of the cardboard. Continue doing this until the last or the biggest folded fan is placed at the bottom part of the folded cardboard.  The fan on the bottom of the card being glued in place.
  9. Glue the opposite part of the fan-looking paper on the other side of the cardboard.  Do the same thing for the other layers.  A yellow star being glued to the top of the tabletop Christmas tree card.
  10. Cut a small star from the yellow construction paper and glue it on the topmost part of the Christmas tree.  Let the glue dry.  The completed 3D pop-up tabletop Christmas tree card.
  11. Once the glue is dry, you can display your cute 3D pop-up tabletop Christmas tree card or give it to someone special so they can display it on their tabletop!
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