Make Your Own Vanilla Flavored Salt

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1. Put sea salt and vanilla in a large bowl and mix well. Alternately you can put the sea salt and vanilla in a blender. I prefer this method as I feel it mixed the two ingredients better than what I can do by hand.

2. Lay the sea salt mixture out on a dehydrator tray or cookie sheet. Make sure it is spread out and not piled up.

3. Dry. I used a dehydrator on low heat. If you use an oven use the lowest possible setting. You will need to stir the salt every 30 minutes or so until it is dry regardless of which method you use. Drying time varies depending on environmental factors.

4. Once the salt is dry, put it into a glass jar and label it. I like to use pint canning jars with the plastic screw on lids to store my homemade salt blends. The wide mouth ones are much easier to get the salt out of.

5. Store the vanilla flavored salt in a cool, dark and dry place.

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