How To Build An Efficient Portable Stove For Grid Down Survival

An Efficient Portable Stove For Grid Down Survival with a frying pan sitting on top of it.
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The materials needs to make the Efficient Portable Stove For Grid Down Survival.

  1. Gather all the materials needed for this project before you begin.  A sharp knife is being used to slice off the bottom of a soda can.
  2. Cut the bottom part of one of the soda cans.  This should be approximately one inch tall.  This is the first can.  Scissors being used to cut the rough edges of the soda can.
  3. Smooth out the edges by cutting them with scissorsA soda can being cut with a knife.
  4. Cut another soda can approximately 1/2 inch.  This is the second can.  Small holes being punched into the bottom of a soda can.
  5. Put small holes around the edges of the top part of the second can.  Use a pin to do this and make sure that you have equal spacing for each hole.  A knife being used to make a large hole in the center bottom of a soda pop can.
  6. Make a medium hole in the middle of second can.  The second soda pop can having holes punched into it.
  7. Add additional small holes on the sides of the medium hole made in step 6.  A large wad of cotton being placed on the bottom of one of the soda pop cans.
  8. Place a large amount of cotton on top of the first can.  One soda pop can being slid into the other soda pop can.
  9. Carefully slide the first can inside the second can.  This is hard to do. Make sure that both cans are properly aligned so that it is easier to get the cans to slide inside one another.  The soda pop cans being pressed onto a table to secure them to one another.
  10. Once the first can is inside the second can, press the cans down firmly on a table top to push the first can further inside the second can. Continue doing this until the first can is completely inside the second can.
  11. Make sure that the cans fit together well because there needs to be a considerable amount of pressure in between the spaces inside the cans later on.  Once this is done, the portable stove is ready to be set-up.  Denatured alcohol being added to the soda pop cans.
  12. Fill the portable stove with denatured alcohol through the holes made in the middle. Approximately 1/10 of an inch is enough.  A coin being placed over the large hole in the center of the soda pop cans.
  13. Lay a coin over the middle hole of the stove to cover it.  A lighter being used to heat up the bottom of the portable stove.
  14. Heat the bottom of the portable stove.  Do these for 3 to 5 minutes or until you smell the alcohol fumes radiating from the small holes on top.  The holes on top of the portable stove being lit.
  15. Start lighting the portable stove on the side holes of it.
  16. Once you see the blue flame on top of the portable stove, you can put your pot on top of it and begin cooking. The fuel should last about 15 minutes.
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