Easy Coleslaw From The Garden

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  1. To begin, gather your ingredients, a fresh head of cabbage, a bunch of carrots and your dressing.
  2. Remove the outer leaves of the cabbage.
  3. Cut the cabbage into quarters, making sure to remove the heart. This is best done by cutting at an angle. The heart is the hard piece of cabbage at the bottom near the spot where it was attached to the plant. The heart goes a little way up into the cabbage itself. This part is edible but many people simply do not enjoy eating it as it is hard.
  4. Use a knife to cut the cabbage up into small pieces. If you take each quarter and slice it longways two to three times then cut the cabbage shortways across you will get small pieces. You can use a food processer but I like using a knife much better because the cabbage does not end up as small or bruised.
  5. Put the chopped up cabbage into a bowl. You may need two bowls, one for mixing and one for holding the extra cabbage.
  6. The next step is to dice or shred the carrots. I use a food processor for this because I like small diced carrots.
  7. Put the chopped up carrots on top of the cabbage.
  8. Stir the mixture to combine the cabbage and carrots.
  9. Once the cabbage and carrots are throughly mixed, add the dressing. Simply pour it on top, then stir it in.
  10. Refrigerate until it is cold, then serve.
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