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Prepping For Survival With A Baby
313 views · May 5, 2022
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Prepping with a baby can be overwhelming, especially when your baby is newly born, because infants depend on their parents for their survival. There are many things you should consider when prepping with a baby, such as their health, cloth size, food, and other factors. 

Hey guys, welcome to my channel. Today, we will be discussing prepping with a baby. Stay tuned to this video as I list out the factors you should consider when prepping. Ready? Here, we go. 

Let’s start with expectant mothers. As an expectant mother, you need to prepare for yourself and your unborn child. You should speak with a midwife or doctor about delivering your baby unassisted, just in case your baby arrives during a disaster. Buy books and check the internet for articles that teach you how to give birth unassisted and care for the newly born. 

You should have a first aid kit with antiseptic cleaner, extra blankets, surgical scissors, and other essential items. You will need this during an emergency birth. Next is prepping when you have a baby.  First, you need to think about mobility. During a bug out with your infant, you may have lots of things to carry while holding your infant with one hand. You should get a baby wrap carrier so that you can safely carry your baby and remain hands-free. You may also get a wagon or stroller, these options could be labor-intensive, but they have storage compartments that could carry most of your baby items. 

The best feeding option for a baby is breastfeeding, but you need to stock up on baby powdered formula. This way, if the mother of the child is unable to breastfeed due to health issues, stress or nutrition, the baby will be fed baby powdered formula. When packing and storing food for your baby, buy baby food with long shelf life. 

You need to stock up a lot of baby diapers because babies go through them quickly. Reusable cloth diapers are also important. You should have them in case you run out of disposable diapers. Also, pack diaper covers to act as a waterproof barrier between the soaked cloth diaper and your other items.  

Buy and pack baby's clothing for up to two years, because infants usually outgrow their clothing. You should go thrifting for clothing for every season. And, if your child outgrows their clothes, you can use them as barter items or give them out to a prepper in need.  

When it comes to your baby's sleeping comfort, you need a co-sleeper that doubles as a baby bed. You should also consider a playpen with bassinet attachments. Be sure to pack comfortable beddings and blankets for your baby. 

Your child's medical needs may be a little different from others, so ensure that you pack various medicines suitable for your infant's needs. You also need to keep your baby clean.  Be sure to pack baby wipes, baby soap, and shampoos that are good for your baby. 

When prepping with a baby, you need to buy and gather the items they need little by little. And don't forget to pack play items. Your baby needs comfort and hours of entertainment. Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments! Thank you for watching, don't forget to like this video and subscribe to my channel. See you next time! 


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