101 Self-Sufficiency Tips eBook Contents
305 views · May 5, 2022
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This book is the ultimate homemade guide for preppers, homesteaders, or anyone who wants to live a little bit more simply. Learn gardening tips, how to cook from scratch, and many more ways to live "off the grid" with this ultimate handbook.

Real life homesteading from a modern day self-sufficient woman.

Learning to be self-sufficient is something we can all benefit from. Rather it is learning to live completely off of our piece of land or simply supplementing what we eat with a few vegetables we grow in a pot, this is a goal we can strive for. 

This book will help those with large pieces of land, help those who live in small apartments, even if you don’t grow a thing, and urban homesteaders if your goal is to learn new skills and stock up as much as possible. 

This book is full of how-to’s that will help people from all walks of life. 

Learn how to make your own vanilla extract, liquid stevia and other baking essentials. 

Learn to make a solar oven and how to cook in it. 

Learn how much food you should keep on hand just in case you need it. 

There is even a plant yield chart so you know how much you need to plant to glean the harvest you need. 

Learn how to grow your own herbs, even indoors, as well as what you can do with them. 

This book is sure to delight homesteaders, both beginners and old hands alike. 

Gardeners will also enjoy this book. In fact everyone who strives to learn how to spin, weave, raise fiber animals or live off the land will find this book full of practical, useful information. 

This is more than just a book. 

This is a lifestyle I live – spinning, weaving, canning, preserving food, raising livestock, gardening. This book includes the best of what I know, the information I turn to time and again. 

I truly hope you will enjoy this book and learn from it, just as I have learned from all the kind, helpful people who have shared this information with me.

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