DIY Fall Flower Arrangement

DIY Fall Flower Arrangement

  • Author: Sheri Ann Richerson


  • 3 large bunches of silk roses
  • 3 burlap butterflies
  • 1 large silk hydrangea bush
  • 1 bag of assorted moss
  • 1 bunch of silk leaves in fall colors
  • 1 bunch assorted fall grasses, pinecones, feathers and berries
  • Floral stakes
  • Floral tape
  • Floral foam
  • Flower pot


DIY Fall Flower Arrangement

  1. Cut the leaves, roses and hydrangea bushes apart so they are on long individual stems instead of attached to one another in bush form.
  2. Wrap the floral stakes with floral foam.
  3. Attach the burlap butterflies to the floral stakes by either clipping them on or by gluing them depending on how the ones you chose attach.
  4. Cut the floral foam to the right size to insert into the flower pot you chose and insert it.
  5. Press the moss into the sides between the floral foam and the flower pot. DIY Fall Flower Arrangement
  6. Cover the top of the floral foam with moss and glue it into place to secure it. DIY Fall Flower Arrangement
  7. Arrange the individual stems of hydrangea in the flower pot. DIY Fall Flower Arrangement
  8. Add the roses to fill in around the hydrangea.
  9. Insert the butterflies into the floral foam in the flower pot.
  10. Add the fall grasses, pinecones, feathers and berries to the flower pot making sure they are stuck in the floral foam to complete the look. Attach any short pieces to the floral stakes and wrap with floral foam if necessary.
  11. Display as desired.