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Sheri Ann Richerson's exotic gardening, elegant cooking, crafty creations, food preservation and animal husbandry... all on two and a half acres in Marion, Indiana!

Getting Started With Chickens


One of the easiest animals to start raising on the homestead is chickens. In this episode we will explore the advantages of raising chickens, problems that can arise from raising chickens and how to keep your chickens healthy.

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Using Your Herbal Harvest


Learn about all the things you can do with herbs, from making your own spice blends, to creating natural crafts or using them around your home for cleaning and pest control.

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Advantages Of Raising Goats


Learn why raising goats for milk, meat and fiber is a good idea, especially for small scale homesteaders. We will also talk about raising your goats organically.

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Indoor Plant Care


Proper care of indoor plants is really important, especially during the long, gray days of winter. Learn how to keep your plants, even those you bought for the holidays, thriving throughout the winter season and beyond.

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