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    How Much To Plant

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    While this may seem like a topic that needs to be in the gardening section, it really is a topic that should be filed away under tips for stocking up. After all, if you are growing your own food and preserving it, you do need to know how much to grow!

    So here is a simple chart that hopefully will help you plan your garden and stock your pantry!

    Beans: 1/4 pound of seed plants one 25 foot row. Each 1/4 pound of seed yields somewhere between 12 to 15 pounds of beans.

    Broccoli: Plant five plants per person.

    Cabbage: Plant five plants per person.

    Carrots: Each 25 foot row will produce 1 pound of carrots.

    Celery: Each 25 foot row will produce 30 pounds of celery.

    Corn: Plant a total of six 25 foot rows per family of 4.

    Cucumbers: Plant 22 plants for a family of 4.

    Lettuce: Plant five rows of lettuce that are 5 feet in length per family member. Plant one row per week for five weeks, then begin again as the first row is cleared away. Remember to keep lettuce cool by planting in a partially shaded location or using shade cloth in the heat of the summer.

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