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    Chicken Egg Storage

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    If you raise chickens or other types of poultry, it is possible to keep the eggs longer than their general shelf life if you freeze them. Frozen eggs work better if they are used in baked items rather than cooked and eaten. Eggs will keep up to six months in the freezer as long as they are preserved in the proper way and kept frozen. Eggs that you are going to freeze should be gathered as soon as they are laid and frozen immediately.

    If you separate your eggs, the whites can be frozen in air tight containers without doing anything to them except removing the yolk. You should write on the container how many egg whites are in it and package according to use. For example, if you always use three egg whites, package just three egg whites together, or you can package one egg white at a time in individual containers.

    Egg yolks and whole eggs need to be stabilized for freezing. To do this, scramble the egg or yolk and add one teaspoon salt or honey for each egg that is in the mixture. Again, be sure to mark the container so you know what is in it, what preservative you used and how many whole eggs or egg yolks are in it.

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    October 11, 2011

    Jo Ann @ 2:52 pm #

    Love your web sight very helpful have been canning and freezing for years .I am going to try your egg preservation tips. I have an abundant supply of fresh eggs.

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