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Winter Garden Ideas_ Harvest Vegetables-3

Save Money! Harvest Free Vegetables Year-Round In Any Climate!

Getting a head start on the vegetable garden can be tricky if you wait until January because of frozen ground. It seems this time of year if the ground is not frozen it is wet. Neither condition is… Read More

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Direct Sow New Selected Vegetables In January

January is a good time to prep your vegetable garden, plant cool season crops and get your seed starting supplies ready for the upcoming season. For those who were unable to get into their garden in January due… Read More

Just One More Greenhouse - Please

Just One More Greenhouse – Please

As anyone who owns a greenhouse – or coldframe – or tunnel house – knows, there is always a desire to have just a little more growing space. Some seeds need cold stratification to germinate, some seeds need heat… Read More

Cold Climate Planting In Early January

  It’s already the middle of January and let me assure you, I have been busy planting seeds – indoors and out. I’ve done a bit of winter sowing – mostly perennials although a few half-hardy annuals snuck… Read More

Black Spanish Winter Radish

Those of us who grow vegetables year-round are really no different than those who grow seasonally other than we choose to grow varieties that – like us – brave the cold weather. Figuring out which varieties do well… Read More

Gardening In February

It has been an interesting winter here in Indiana – much milder than normal. As usual, I had my winter lettuce bed that survived very nicely – and then there were the winter flowers – some of which… Read More

The Indiana Vegetable Garden In November – #vlomo11 – Day 11

See the vegetables that are still growing and being harvested under cover in Indiana in November. [HTML1]


Frost Protection

Kale doesn’t mind frost. In fact, the leaves taste sweeter after a frost has hit them.[/caption]There are many plants that don’t mind frost and other plants that continue to thrive for several months longer if they receive some… Read More

Radish, Peas And Tomatoes In November In Indiana – #vlomo11 – Day 3

A video of radish, peas and tomatoes under row cover in November in my Indiana garden. [HTML1]

Winter Planting

Fall is the appropriate time for planting winter vegetables, however winter gardening and winter planting are two very different aspects. Winter gardening is all about growing fruits, flowers and vegetables during the coldest part of the year. Winter… Read More

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