Elegant Test Tube Seed Starting

Elegant Test Tube Seed Starting

Elegant Test Tube Seed Starting

Gardeners who start plants from seed know the best way to do it is to pre-germinate the seeds in some type of container such as a bowl, glass dish or test tube. Sometimes finding an elegant way to display those seed starting containers, especially if you have limited space, can be tricky.

Using test tubes placed inside a cloche is a great way to keep the water the seeds are soaking in warmer, germinate a lot of seeds in a limited space and turn a necessary process into an elegant endeavor.

Place multiple test tubes filled with hot water and seeds inside a small ceramic flower pot.


Here is how the process works:

Begin with clean test tubes. Sometimes you can find these in the Halloween section of stores.

Place clean, dry seeds in the bottom of the test tubes.

Fill the tubes 3/4 of the way up with hot water.

Place the cork on the top of the test tube.

Place a label towards the top of the test tube so you don’t forget what type of seeds are in the tubes.

Carefully place the test tubes, one at a time, in a ceramic flower pot.

Cover the flower pot with a cloche to help retain the heat.

Change the water once or twice a day until the seeds begin to germinate.

As soon as you see roots begin to emerge, plant the seeds making sure that you don’t break the fragile young roots.

That’s all there is to germinating seeds inside of a test tube.

Elegant Test Tube Seed Starting

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