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Introducing Brugmansia: A Superior, Fragrant, Nocturnal Plant

These easy to grow beauties are toxic; however with proper care they are an easy to grow tropical plant. Be sure, however, to keep them out of reach of children and pets.

6 Easy Tips On How To Care For Your

6 Easy Tips On How To Care For Your Plants

Many people worry excessively when it comes to caring for their plants. When it comes to caring for house plants, there is no need to worry. There are just a few things you need to keep in mind.

Rustic Interior Decorating Idea With Tropical Plants

Fall is here which means winter isn’t far off and it’s time – once again – to bring your  tropical plants indoors. We all know the drill – move the plants out in spring, redecorate, then panic once… Read More

Create A Festive Christmas Terrarium

Plants clean the indoor air and add a touch of elegance to indoor decor. The holidays are a wonderful time to incorporate a few extra plants into your living areas. Plants make ideal centerpieces. They liven up a… Read More

House Plants Guide

When summer quickly starts coming to an end, many of you will be bringing your plants back into the house or to go in search of houseplants that you would like to grow this winter. If you are… Read More

Care of Christmas Cactus: Holiday flowers for you, holiday gift plants for others

Care of Christmas Cactus: Holiday flowers for you, holiday gift plants for others

The holidays are just around the corner and who can resist the brightly colored blooms on the holiday cactus? Flowers in shades of red, purple, pink, white and yellow seem to glisten as they dangle, first as tightly closed buds, then as fully opened flowers, from the end of the green segments of stem.


Brighten Up The Dull Days Of Winter With Blooms

In my never-ending search to brighten up the dull days of winter, I have come across a group of winter blooming plants. After all, if you can have beautiful blooms in the summer, why not in the winter?… Read More

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