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Eat Better, Save Money By Growing A Garden

Avoid the chemical additives, save money and eat produce that is healthy by growing and preserving your own food this year.

Fruit Plants 2013

I moved here to the farm in August 2004. My goal – even back then – was to fill the land with useful plants. I brought a number of plants with me from my old place and promptly began… Read More

Fruit Trees And Bushes

There are few pleasures in life that can compare to picking and eating fresh berries, apples and other fruit grown in your very own backyard orchard. While fruit trees and berry bushes may take longer to mature than… Read More

New Vegetable And Fruit Varieties

    Every year, horticulture experts around the world cultivate new and exciting plant varieties to enhance the diversity and productivity of gardens everywhere. Not just for show, most new varieties of fruits and vegetables offer improved yields… Read More

Get Kids Growing: Start With Strawberries In A Patch Or Pot

Get kids growing in the garden by starting them off planting their own strawberries. You can let them plant and care for a whole patch, or just one or two plants, planted in a strawberry jar or garden… Read More

Banana Trees

Banana trees are really cool plants – not just because of their huge, exotic leaves or the tasty fruit they produce – but because of the many different colors or sizes of the fruit and the leaves. We… Read More

How To Improve Clay Soil For Growing Berries

There is a wide variety of berries that will thrive in clay soil as long as you take the time to amend it. From your typical berries such as blueberries, strawberries, cherries and raspberries to berries that are… Read More

Behind The Scenes Gardening Diary For 28 June

We are finally getting some much needed rain. The garden is beginning to look like a garden again. I have posted a bunch of new pictures in the photo gallery at . We have had a busy week…. Read More


Behind The Scenes Gardening Diary For 22 May

Today was another busy day. The kittens are crawling around on their own now so I put them in the attached garage. Jerry dug up a lot of Rose of Sharon bushes from his mom’s house yesterday. He… Read More

The Truth About Passiflora - Colorful, Fragrant Flowers, Edible Fruit

The Truth About Passiflora – Colorful, Fragrant Flowers, Edible Fruit

According to legend, the Passion Flower (Passiflora spp.) was named by early Roman Catholic missionaries in South America because the flowers bore a fancied representation of the Passion of Christ. Roman Catholic priests of the late 1500’s believed… Read More

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